The new crop of selected jumping stallions promises much for the future. From strong performance families and bred from international sport mares, stallions have been selected for the performance test. The young stallions have also made their mark with their first offspring. Additionally, the influence of top sire Aganix du Seigneur is notable, with three direct sons and two grandsons set to prove themselves under saddle.

Cor Loeffen, awarded with a golden KWPN pin, has passed on the chairman's baton to Wout-Jan van der Schans, who now, alongside Eric van der Vleuten and newcomer Bart Henstra, forms the stallion selection committee. The gentlemen were united in their enthusiasm about the new generation: "We have a very positive feeling about this collection of stallions. We have selected based on commitment and athletic ability, meaning horses that can shift gears well above the jump and naturally stay close to the hind pole," explained committee chairman Van der Schans afterwards.

Good selection
The six most complete stallions were rewarded with a premium distinction in addition to being selected for the performance test. For the KWPN-registered stallions, this also resulted in a breeder's premium provided by the 'Friends of the KWPN'. On Thursday afternoon, the premium stallions were presented in a show segment powered by Van Santvoort, and they were extensively explained and honoured together with their breeders and/or owners. The stallion selection committee praised these stallions for their strong combination of type, way of cantering and jumping, and performance-rich pedigree. "We are dealing with six very complete, modern stallions who have made a good impression in all respects. These stallions have consistently performed well in free jumping both in Ermelo and Den Bosch. Overall, we have been able to select well based on the attitude and suppleness of the horses, especially since the last oxer being wider provided us with a lot of information. If such a line is easy for the stallions, that is positive. The day before the second viewing, we reviewed all the videos of the selected stallions in the first viewing once again. As a committee, we have been able to collaborate very pleasantly, and we are pleased to note that we are gradually getting more blood in the horses without compromising on athletic ability. These qualities are decisive for the sport."

Premium stallions
From his first crop, the recently sold stallion Mattias, who is now owned by Jur Vrieling, had two sons selected, including the premium-selected R (out of Annelita C elite IBOP-spr pref prest PROK by Guidam), bred by Reinie Tewis and Sonja Vlaar's daughters Lynn and Rose Tewis. "This stallion impressed with his performance in both Ermelo and Den Bosch during free jumping. He has a good rectangular model and is athletically built. He built up very positively as the jumps got higher and has a lot of athletic ability. All in all, a horse with great future potential!" His mother was very well tested with 87 points and, in combination with Corlensky G, already produced the 1.50/1.60m horse Electric Elvis C ridden by Monika Martini. From this versatile sport line also comes the 1.50/1.60m horses Flyer (s.Voltaire), Ultimus (s.Ultimo), and Cafino Z (s.Carthago). When grandpa Fred Vlaar decided to stop his jumping horse breeding, he gave Annelita C to granddaughters Lynn and Rose. The choice for Mattias was obvious thanks to father Reinie, which immediately led to magnificent success. As a foal, the stallion, renamed Raven, was already invited to the National Foal Inspection. "Our daughters couldn't be here in Den Bosch today because we would have had to report them sick to school, which was just a bit too much. But they are super enthusiastic, and it's great that the stallion has done so well. Lynn and Rose named him Raven, but if he is approved, we will sit down to come up with another name. It'll be fine!", responds Reinie Tewis, who saw a total of five stallions prepared by him selected.

The 1.76m tall Ringo Starr (O'Neill van 't Eigenlo out of Elijanta stb PROK by Numero Uno, breeder Frans van Boxtel) from Egbert Schep was also selected as a premium stallion. This modern, blood-made stallion stood out with his very light-footed canter. "It is remarkable how easily this stallion can switch gears in canter, especially for such a big horse. Ringo Starr has a lot of blood in his legs and showed a very good performance in free jumping, impressing with his good technique and use of his body. Additionally, he is quick and particularly athletic." Ringo Starr is a half-brother to the international 1.50m horse Iowa B (s.Action-Breaker), and his mother, in turn, is a half-sister to the Grand Prix horse Nanta (s.Caridor Z), with which Jonella Ligresti competed in the World Equestrian Games. This direct line also produced the Grand Prix horse Mianta (s.Hemmingway) ridden by Callan Solem. Father O'Neill van 't Eigenlo is competed by Willem Greve under the name Minute Man at the 1.50m level. Premium stallion Caribou van de Dassenheide (Caribis Z out of Shakira de Kreisker sport-spr by Diamant de Semilly, breeders Nick and Jill Adams-Goossens) from Lennard de Boer comes from a mother who herself jumped at the national 1.45m level. She is also a full sister to the stallion Quickly de Kreisker, with which Abdelkebir Ouaddar competed in the World Equestrian Games in Caen and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, this interestingly bred Caribou van de Dassenheide shares the same grandmother as Julien Epaillard's Grand Prix horse Dubai du Cedre (s.Baloubet du Rouet), the bronze medalist at the European Championships in Milan and winner of the Grand Prix at Jumping Amsterdam in the weekend preceding the stallion selection. "This well-developed, blood-made stallion has a good sports body and shows a lot of ease in jumping. He jumps with good overview, canters well, and comes from a very good sport line."

Two from VDL Stud
Premium stallion Always Remember Jack VDL Z (Aganix du Seigneur out of Derly Chin de Muze sport-spr by For Pleasure) from breeder VDL Stud is a genetic masterpiece. Not only does he have three Grand Prix mares in his pedigree, but he is also the half-brother of Daniel Deusser's top jumping horse Killer Queen VDM (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek) and the equally high-performing Dajapatero VDM (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek), Juju VDM (s.Toulon), and Kontador (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek). Additionally, Always Remember Jack VDL Z is closely related to numerous other international jumping horses and his pedigree consists only of top sires. His name is a tribute to Jack Lubbers, who worked for VDL Stud for over 25 years and passed away on the same day that Always Remember Jack VDL Z was born. "This very well-cantering stallion is well-built in a rectangular model and jumps with striking impulsion, bascule, and overview. Also positive is that the stallion needs little guidance in free jumping; he jumps with a lot of commitment and a good attitude. Additionally, he has a pedigree to drool over." VDL's second ace in the premium lineup is the Landino VDL son Raikkonen LK (out of K.Amelusiena elite IBOP-spr D-OC by Zirocco Blue VDL), bred by Roelof Klinkhamer. Once again, a stallion bred from a strong sport line that flourished at Stal Roelofs. "Father Landino VDL was selected as a three-year-old by the KWPN and was not delivered, but we have already evaluated several good sons of this well-bred stallion. Raikkonen LK has a very good model, has a lot of blood, and canters with great balance. He can easily change and jumps with a lot of impulsion, easily switching gears above the jump." His mother was well tested with 78 points and is a half-sister to the international jumping horse Udor (s.Germus R) with which Don Kortrink classified at the 1.50m level. This performance family produced a series of international jumping horses including the 1.50/1.60m-classified Bobby (s.Concorde), Lamalushi (s.Calando I), Eamelusina R57 (s.Calvaro Z), and Amigo T (s.Padinus).

Multiple sons
The sixth premium-selected stallion is the United Touch S son Ramazotti van de Watermolen (out of Jedoselli W ster by Dakar VDL), bred by breeder of the year Jan Greve, whose pedigree goes back to the Grand Prix mare Oselli (s.Carthago) in the third generation on the dam's side. From this direct line also comes the 1.60m jumping horse Fruselli (s.Zambesi) ridden by Holly Smith. "This modern stallion is well-developed, youthful, and shows a lot of blood. He has a very good canter with good scope and balance, and can easily switch gears in the line. Ramazotti is naturally very sharp and consistently makes the jump behind well, even at a closer distance." His father United Touch S had two sons selected. With three selected sons, top sire Aganix du Seigneur topped this year's crop. In addition to premium stallion Always Remember Jack VDL Z, he also had the equally genetically valuable Aranix Rising Z (out of Lady D van 't Roosakker sport-spr by Echo van 't Spieveld) selected by breeders Hendrik Blink and Carin Schotanus of the Rising Stud. This well-developed stallion is well-built in a rectangular model, has an active canter, and can switch gears well. He stands out in jumping with good impulsion, showing a lot of power, and consistently making the jump behind well. His mother Lady D van 't Roosakker is available for breeding through Mares of Macha and jumped herself at the 1.40m level, as did already two of her offspring. Grandmother Electra van 't Roosakker performed at the highest level and already produced a series of international offspring including the 1.60m horse Kaprice (s.Echo van 't Spieveld).

Aganix du Seigneur
Aganix du Seigneur has left his mark through his son Lambada Shake AG, the winner of the VHO Trophy on Thursday evening. From the first crop of Lambada Shake AG, this stallion received both Rock Me Zsazsa (out of La Zsa Zsa elite sport-spr D-OC by Cornet Obolensky, breeder Karin Huisman-Holst) from Jan van Meever and Riverdance (out of Lapatera Ryal K elite EPTM-spr D-OC by Zapatero VDL) from breeder Rinus Blom and co-registered Munsteg Horses. In addition to two impressive three-year-old sons and two grandsons through Lambada Shake AG, Aganix du Seigneur also had the genetically interesting seven-year-old stallion A Moonlight Speciale Z (out of Double-Speciale ster PROK by Chacco-Blue) from breeder Jack Verstappen and co-registered Stal Hendrix selected. This stallion already stood out positively last year in young horse classes and participated in stallion competitions, where he was evaluated by the stallion selection committee. Genetically, he is interesting as a grandson of the Grand Prix and World Cup-winning mare Vink Especiale (s.Voltaire) with which Eric van der Vleuten was successful in the 1990s. A Moonlight Speciale Z stood out positively in the stallion competition with his commitment, quality, and ability. Through the same route, the seven-year-old Don Tarpania Z (Dominator Z out of Iralinde Tarpania stb PROK by Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest) from breeder Ab de Lange also earned selection for the performance test. This well-developed stallion has also shown himself well in stallion competitions and other young horse competitions up to 1.35m level. Additionally, the 15-year-old Cape Coral RFB Z (by Cornet Obolensky, breeders Marcel and Maryelle Coenen) from Stal Hendrix was selected for the five-day character assessment. This stallion has performed at the international 1.50m level with Pieter Keunen and seems to stand out in breeding, having already produced two KWPN-approved sons named No Mercy and Opus One JDV.

Two sons
Returning to the three-year-old stallions. From the same top lineage as premium stallion Caribou van de Dassenheide comes the selected stallion NN (out of Hawai du Cedre by Cash du Plessis) from breeder Julius-Peter Sinnack and co-registered combination Aaldering/Swelheim, one of the two selected sons of Grand Prix winner United Touch S. In addition to premium stallion R (ds.Guidam), Mattias also received son R (out of Maigrade 2 keur IBOP-spr by Heathrow) from breeder J. Braams-Hoving and co-registered Reinie Tewis. Also, the young stallion Landino VDL, selected as a three-year-old by the KWPN, had two sons selected from his first crop, including premium stallion Raikkonen LK. The other selected son is Lone Star VDL Z (out of Healba VDL ster by Harley VDL), from the Van de Lageweg family's own breeding.

Two Zirocco Blue VDL's
Top sire Zirocco Blue VDL, currently fifth on the WBFSH sire ranking, had two sons selected. From the breeding of Wim van Nispen comes Rebel Blue-N (out of Jboxynula-N stb by Gemini), representing the Holsteiner lineage of the stallions Lancer I-III and international 1.55/1.60m horses like Chin Quidam VDL (s.Chin Chin) and Guardiola-N (s.Vigo d’Arsouilles). In the pedigree of the robustly developed and strongly built NN (out of Sentilessa by Stakkato, breeder Manfred Schäfer) from VDL Stud, Zirocco Blue VDL is paired with a Hanoverian damline.

First crops
In addition to premium stallion Ramazotti van de Watermolen, Jan Greve received Reflex van de Watermolen (Mees van de Watermolen out of Lalexta by Connect) from his own breeding. His grandmother Hilexta II, through her father Albaran xx, contributes thoroughbred genes and is a half-sister to the international 1.50m horse Distheen (s.Utopie). Jan van Meever also received two stallions. In addition to Lambada Shake AG's son Riverdance, there is Rockwell VM (Lay Out out of Mojito VM keur EPTM-spr by Classe HS/Parrandero) from his own breeding. This stallion, from the first, small crop of his father, made a good impression with free jumping.

Diamant de Semilly
The selected Regulus D (Diamant de Semilly out of Vigoureuse de la Pomme by Crown Z) from breeders Floortje Deckers has an exceptionally performance-rich lineage, with three international sport mares stacked in his pedigree, and his 1.45m-jumping dam is a half-sister to six international sport horses including the KWPN-approved Grand Prix stallion Vagabond de la Pomme (by Vigo d’Arsouilles). The second selected Diamant de Semilly son is R Livingstone WP (out of Flavour by Singapore, breeder Willem Verhaeghe). Also bred in Belgium are two sons of Kasanova de la Pomme: Vince-K van Kattenheye (out of Athena van de Donkhoeve by Mr. Blue, breeders Tony and Mieke Raman) from VDL Stud and Vital van HD (out of Otina van HD sport-spr by El Torreo de Muze) from Reinie Tewis and H. van der Sluis. From the breeding of Guido Herrijgers of ’t Eirbissenhof comes the selected stallion Elfhaban van Beek Z (Elfra van Beek Z out of Habanda van Beek PROK by Hos d’O), whose grandmother competed at the international 1.45m level.

Also genetically very interesting is the Chacco-Blue son Cognac van het Gebergte Z (out of the international 1.60m mare Olympia JW van ’t Meulenhof by Diamant de Semilly) from J.F. Barry. Another genetically valuable Chacco-Blue son is Reaction W van ’t Studutch (out of Zarina III ster by Heartbreaker) from breeders Willy Wijnen and Sjaak van der Lei, bred from a half-sister of none other than Olympic champion Explosion W (by Chacco-Blue). From the same family comes the selected stallion Redford VDL (Arezzo VDL out of Marina W by Chacoon Blue), tracing back to the same half-sister of Olympic champion Explosion W in the third generation. This is an impressive stallion that showed a very good performance, especially in Ermelo.

Double for Keizersberg
The selected Revanche Keizersberg (Jenson van ’t Meulenhof out of Gina keur sport-spr by Phin Phin) from breeder Jos van Deurzen of Stal Keizersberg is a grandson of the Grand Prix mare Naomie W (s.Colino) with which Jurgen Stenfert was successful for years. The same breeder also received Troubadour Keizersberg Z (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve out of First Diamond R.A.G. stb-ext by Diamant de Semilly). In the fourth generation, Troubadour Keizersberg traces back to the legendary mare Ratina Z, who is the foundation of numerous international show jumpers. Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve also sired the selected stallion Red Bull (out of Miss Diamant by Diamant de Semilly), bred and owned by Joost van den Hurk. A very appealing stallion is the athletic Harley VDL son Rebellion GPH (out of Charistia Z by Crawford), bred by Sannah Angenent-de Bruijn and a half-brother to the KWPN-approved stallion Kaiden (s.Chaman), winner of the Blom Cup as a four-year-old and currently competing at the international 1.40m level.

First sons
Refresh-S (Defender VDS Z out of Melle Oukje-S by Carrera VDL) from breeders family Van Straaten of Van Bockxgrave Horses comes from the first crop of his father and has a grandmother who competed at the international 1.50m level. He comes from a carefully built performance lineage and showed a lot of commitment in jumping, something this family is known for. Also bred from the first crop of his father is the selected stallion Radetzky (Donthargos out of Anquille T ster by Quidam de Revel, breeder Gerard Kouwen). From the first KWPN crop of the approved stallion Finishing Touch Wareslage comes his selected son Red Moon (out of Grietje PROK by Indoctro), from breeder Luc Bramel and co-registrants Herman van Triest and Matthijs van Middelkoop. From the first crop of the genetically interesting stallion Caesar Z comes the promising Cupido Fan Skûlenboarch Z (out of Mare Fan Skûlenboarch ster D-OC by Grandorado TN) from breeder Esther Haijma, whose dam impressed at the mare inspection with 85 points for jumping ability. This stallion showed very good performance both in Ermelo and Den Bosch.

Much potential
In Den Bosch, the genetically interesting Edinburgh Optimus Z (Ermitage Kalone out of Cacacha van het Schaeck by Bamako de Muze) from Rinus Blom, Niek van Haperen, and Michelle Dijkerman made a good impression, and combined with his strong pedigree, he received approval from the stallion selection committee. Azraff SPS Z (out of Galaxie d’Iscla by Contendro I) from breeder Peter Snijders and co-registrants Gerrit and Leontine ter Harmsel-Zanderink will also have the opportunity to prove himself in the performance test. The stallion comes from a strong French sports lineage, from which Edwina Tops-Alexander's former top horse Itôt du Chateau also originates.

Emerald blood
In Den Bosch, two full brothers descended from Emerald van ’t Ruytershof were in action. The eye-catching chestnut stallion Richman (out of Tiara M PROK by Cento) from breeder Yannick van Wijk of Van Bockxgrave Horses was selected. Bred from the strong Melusiena lineage of Stal Roelofs is the Pegase van ’t Ruytershof son Resoluut S.A. (out of Heihaiwej S.A. sport-spr PROK by Emerald van ’t Ruytershof) from breeder family Ellenbroek and co-registered Wesley Mulder. Also selected from this family is premium stallion Raikkonen LK. Also a great talent is the Eldorado van de Zeshoek son Respect (out of C’Est la Vie elite IBOP-spr prest PROK by Verdi) from breeders Gebroeders Bosch and co-registered Scot Tolman. The Grandorado TN son Romantico RM (out of Madame Cornet RM by Cornet Obolensky) from breeder René Mulder of Egbert Schep will also have the opportunity to prove himself in the performance test. His mother is a half-sister to the 1.50m horse Dolce Vita (s.Lord Z) and several 1.40m horses. This Grandorado TN son is well developed and appealing. This stallion canters with great balance and has shown good jumping ability on both occasions, demonstrating quick takeoff and good technique and power over the oxers.

Holsteiner lineages
The well-developed Ravello van de Hagenhorst (Dourkhan Hero Z out of Lowinskey SR stb-ext by Denzel van ’t Meulenhof) from breeder Herman Verhagen represents the well-known Holsteiner lineage 104A, and his mother is a half-sister to several 1.40/1.45m show jumpers. Rich and Royal (Mumbai van de Moerhoeve out of Cantate 47 by Crunch) from breeder Roelof Bril of co-registered Runningwell Sports Horses comes from a mother who competed at the international 1.40m level with Kim Bril. He represents a good Holsteiner lineage, is well-developed, and shows a lot of blood.

Back to the performance test
The selected Riwyruso H (Baltic VDL out of Wyrusa H ster pref prest PROK by Corland, breeder Anne-Jan Hazenberg) from VDL Stud is a full brother to the KWPN-approved stallion Norton VDL and a half-brother to the international 1.60m horse Cat Ninja (s.Zirocco Blue VDL) of Andrew Kocher. Also, the proven sire Bustique had a son selected. This impressive Ropario (out of Paquita van den Heuvel by Vleut) was bred by Kees de Vries from the full sister to the KWPN-approved stallion Fire (s.Vleut), who competed at the international 1.45m level. This stallion from Rinus Blom and Munsteg Horses stands out with his power in movement and jumps with a lot of impulsion. An eye-catching figure is the light chestnut Ruzgar VII S (Chacfly out of Julia Caesar III S ster IBOP-spr sport-spr by Zambesi) from breeder Levent Dutkun and co-registered Stal Bles. He has three mares in a row in his pedigree, all of which have competed at 1.30/1.35m levels in sport.

Strong performances
The Croatian-bred Zoom Zoom LF Star 2P Z (Zambesi out of Davita de L’Ampermeable sport-spr by Nabab de Rêve) from Koen van de Beeten comes from a mare that herself was active at the 1.50m level in Hungary. Also, a strong performance in Den Bosch was given by Raptor ADC (Luigi d’Eclipse out of Murciélago ster IBOP-spr D-OC by Emerald van ’t Ruytershof) from breeders G. and L.H. Boksebeld and co-registered Davey Boksebeld. Descending from El Barone 111 Z is the selected stallion Enfant El Baron RC Z (out of Jeunesse Dorée stb PROK by Arezzo VDL, breeder R. Cornelissen) from Egbert Schep, who comes from the direct dam line of 1.50/1.60m horses such as Atlanta 541 (s.For Pleasure), Secret (s.Quidam de Revel), and Unbelievable (s.Concorde). All in all, fifty stallions with much confidence are looking forward to the upcoming performance tests.

Text: Jenneke Smit
Photo Raikkonen LK: Dirk Caremans

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