Today, the descendant reports of eleven dressage and eight showjumping stallions have been published. You can find the descendant reports for the respective stallions in the KWPN Database, under the heading 'Descendant Report'.

These dressage stallions include Secret Lover, O’Toto van de Wimphof, Opoque, Nordic Blue Hors, Noble Prince Norel, Nalegro, Nashville Star, Newport, New Orleans, Mauro Turfhorst, and Extreme U.S. For the jumper stallions, they are Night Life VDL, Neymar VDL, Napardi, Messini de F, Newmarket VM, Lord of Farmings HS, McAllister VDL, and Kincsem.

For each stallion that would normally have participated in the descendant evaluation, the genetic profile is displayed in the descendant report. Stallions must have at least ten scored foals for this evaluation. Vertically, all characteristics that are scored are displayed. Each characteristic always has two extremes, for example, the characteristic 'body: direction'. One extreme is an 'upward body direction', the other extreme is 'downward body direction'. The blue bars represent the breeding value graphically; if a stallion breeds towards 'upward', the blue bar will swing to the left. The associated breeding value will then be below 100 because 100 is the average breeding value of all KWPN riding horses. If the stallion breeds 'downward' compared to the KWPN riding horse population, the blue bar will swing to the right, and the breeding value will be above 100. The stallion can pass on a characteristic to a greater or lesser extent. This is indicated by how far the bar swings to the left or right and therefore also by the height of the breeding value.

Old versus new
In the middle, two vertical columns with numbers are shown. The left column 'old' contains the breeding value before scoring the foals, the right column 'new' is the breeding value after scoring the foals. By comparing these two, the differences are visible, indicating whether a stallion breeds differently compared to the old situation. A difference of only a few points in breeding value between the old and new situation is not so significant that the stallion suddenly breeds completely differently, especially if it goes in the same direction. To further clarify the old and new situations, the new breeding values are indicated with the dark blue bars, and the old breeding value with the vertical orange (I) dashes, up to where the bar would have reached in the old situation. The light blue part indicates the change between old and new.

Source: KWPN

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