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The KWPN-horse is also successful abroad. At the moment the KWPN is active in the UK, Australia, North-America and China through local departments. 


KWPN in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to an active group of KWPN breeders. For the benefit of this group, the KWPN organizes various activities in the UK, such as inspections, competitions, and educational sessions. Every summer, the KWPN travels to the UK to conduct inspections which are open to its members and their horses. These inspections provide an opportunity for KWPN mares to be registered in the studbook and for foals, yearlings, and two-year-olds to be evaluated by professional inspectors. 

In addition, the KWPN has organized a Pavo Cup pre-selection at the international dressage show in Hartpury since 2012. This selection provides an opportunity for horses based in the UK to qualify for the Pavo Cup semi-final in Ermelo without leaving their home country. 

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In 1983, the Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America was established as the North American Department of the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN) in order to promote breeding and enjoyment of the KWPN horse in North America. As of January 1, 2006, the organization became known as the KWPN of North America, Inc.

For over thirty years, the non-profit KWPN-NA association has brought the passion and focus of the Dutch breeder home to North America, where breeders are now producing top international horses competing around the world in a variety of disciplines.  With more than 1,300 members and an average of more than 420 registered foals annually over the last decade, the KWPN-NA has grown to become one of the continent’s largest Warmblood organizations.

Through a multitude of programs, the KWPN-NA staff and volunteer board work tirelessly to encourage the participation of registered KWPN horses in equestrian sport, and structure appropriate awards programs that will acknowledge and promote excellence on the part of KWPN horses, breeders, owners, riders and trainers in North America. The KWPN-NA also maintains an extensive database that records detailed breed registration information, inspection and performance results, and ownership transfers and sales for all registered KWPN horses in North America; disseminates educational and informational data to breeders, owners and other interested individuals pertaining to the breeding, raising and approval of KWPN horses; schedules and conducts various inspections throughout North America of stallions, foals, mares and geldings; and promotes public awareness of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse.

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KWPN in Australia

Australia is home to an active group of KWPN breeders and for the benefit of this group, the KWPN is seeking to organize various activities in Australia such as inspections and educational sessions. The KWPN is planning to travel to Australia to conduct inspections which are open to its members and their horses. These inspections provide an opportunity for KWPN mares to be registered in the studbook and for foals, yearlings, and two-year-olds to be evaluated by professional inspectors. Foals can be directly registered into KWPN during the inspection tour as well! We are looking to begin arranging these KWPN inspection tours in Australia as an annual event. So please contact the official KWPN Representative in Australia to express your interest in the inspection tour for 2017!

Representative at the KWPN office:
Anni Lahti Tel: +31 341 255 513 or

Do you want to speak to someone in Australia? Our Australian representative is:
Case Wientjens  Tel: 0413 649 972 or email:


KWPN in China

The KWPN (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) is the biggest and one of the most successful studbooks in the world.


Performance, durability and appealing conformation are the most important factors on which the international success of the Dutch horse is based.


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For years, Dutch-bred horses have dominated international horse shows. Week after week, riders from around the world win competitions with their KWPN horses. The KWPN works hard to keep its members current on the achievements of its horses through media including and the online magazine KWPN International, with articles on sporthorse breeding.

很多年来,荷兰繁育马都是世界马术赛事表演的主导者。在世界各地的比赛中几乎每周都有荷兰马获胜。KWPN以不懈的努力为会员服务,并通过 官网和拥有繁育运动马信息的在线KWPN国际杂志,将众多的成就展示给会员。

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