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The KWPN provides service tailored to the enthousiastics of the KWPN horse outside the Netherlands.  Here (in the menu) you can find all you need to know about breeding registration, passport and predicate registration and transfer of registered party.

Payment advice for foreign members

List of rates KWPN 2024

Membership fees

including VAT
Annual membership KWPN International € 135,00
Half year membership KWPN International (from July 1st) €  67,00
One-time administration fee for new members
Holders of a Dutch bank account may set up an auto-pay account, in which case this fee will be waived
€  11,25
Extra breeding direction €  17,00

Registration foal / covering

including VAT
Registration foal (incl. VAT 21%)  € 179,95
Overdue registration foal (not registered in the year of birth) € 228,00

Stallion Selection

including VAT
1st round viewing (all breeding directions) € 405,45
1st round viewing older stallion (all breeding directions) € 432,10
2nd round viewing Harness or Gelder horse stallions € 503,25
2nd round viewing Dressage stallion € 574,65
Registration fee studbook (non)KWPN-registered or regognized stallion (Jumper or Dressage horse) € 4.223,70
Registration fee studbook KWPN-registered stallion (Harness or Gelder horse) € 740,25

Inspections (keuringen)

Studbook inspection: including VAT
Participation (inspection) -  KWPN horse * € 88,30
Participation (inspection) -  horse other studbook * € 153,10
Entry Money Inspection in the Netherlands € 22,10

* In the UK other rates for inspection may apply, subject to change.

Foal inspection: Costs participation in the Netherlands: €22,10.

Performance tests mares including VAT
IBOP-test €  100,75
Regular EPTM in Ermelo € 1.696,85

EPTM in Ermelo – including starting under saddle

€ 2.649,45

Passport Registration

including VAT
Issueing KWPN Passport €  59,55
Request extra passport pages €  42,55
Microchip registered horse €  56,65
Changing KWPN Horse Passport (incl. making it comply to DEFRA Rules) €  29,65
Transfer of registered party (KWPN-members) €  29,95
Transfer of registered party (non-KWPN-members) €  71,10
Issueing Duplicate registration paper € 145,25
Issueing Duplicate Horse Passport € 284,45
Change in registration paper €  47,80


including VAT
PROK-evaluation mare or stallion €  96,50
Evaluation Roaring test (free for mares) €  113,15
DNA-evaluation per horse €  77,75
Genomic breeding value OC - KWPN-horse € 154,75
Genomic breeding value OC - with KWPN-foal registration € 127,05
Genomic breeding value OC - non-KWPN-horse € 256,30
WFFS-test € 57,00
WFFS-test in combination with Genomic breeding value OC  € 21,65

Online services

including VAT
Breeding advice in Ermelo for members € 57,50
Breeding advice in Ermelo for non members € 86,60
One-Year subsciption (non-KWPN-members) € 36,30
Top advertisment KWPN Marketplace (only for KWPN-members) (7 days on top) €  5,95
€ 124.75 per year

KWPN Membership

  • Subscription to the montlhy digital KWPN Magazine (in Dutch)
  • Free advertising at KWPN Horses for Sale
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About the KWPN

The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.

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