KWPN Championships

13 - 17 August 2019


National Harness Horse Day

Since its inception, National Harness Horse Day has been the ultimate annual celebration for harness horse enthusiasts. To date, National Harness Horse Day boasts the highest attendance of the entire KWPN Championships event. Combining proven tradition with modern innovation, National Harness Horse Day is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Date 2018: Saturday August 11


National Harness Horse Day is the final event of the mare inspection season. Only the best harness horse mares of the central inspections are invited to National Harness Horse Day. In addition, top foals, two-year-old mares, three-year-old mares, keur– and elite mares, and two-year-old stallions compete in the ring for the national championship in their respective divisions.

The program also boasts abundant sport and show, such as the award ceremonies for the Harness Horse Breeder of the Year and the Harness Horse of the Year. Both ceremonies are presented in a beautiful show, guaranteed to stir the emotions of all.

Another program highpoint is the National Final, an opportunity to capture the Top Sport Mare of the Year title. In the National Final, leading mares put their best foot forward with the goal of winning the Greet Bergstra Cup. Of course, the day would not be complete without the popular Manno Trophy competition for breeding stallions, part of the Stallion competition.

The KWPN also invests in the future of harness horse sport by encouraging young breeders. Since 2001, the KWPN Harness Horse Championship for Juniors (ages 12 – 16) has been a regular part of National Harness Horse Day.

New initiatives of National Harness Horse Day include the KWPN Championship Honor Class. In this competition, talented harness horses from the national honor class as well as the regions compete for the King of the Honor Class title.

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