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IBOP for Dressage Horses
Dressage horses participating in the IBOP are required to perform an individual dressage test, followed by an under-saddle performance in a group of two to four combinations. In the group test, horses must demonstrate their basic gaits and several tempo changes, upon request of the jury. Four-year-old horses are also required to show a leg-yield, and horses five years old and up must perform a shoulder-in.

IBOP dressage test 

IBOP for Jumpers
Jumpers participating in the IBOP are required to show the basic gaits and jump several obstacles from the trot and canter. The height of the obstacles is determined according to age as follows: three-year-old horses: 80 – 90 cm; four-year-old horses: 90 – 100 cm; five-year-old horses: 100 – 110 cm. For horses older than age five, the jury determines the height to be jumped, depending on the horse’s training level. The height may be higher than 110 cm.

IBOP jumping test

IBOP for Harness Horses
Harness horses participating in the IBOP are required to perform an individual dressage test in harness, in which they show the basic gaits and several changes of tempo. Horses are evaluated on the walk, trot, maneuverability, and obedience. Those which earn an average score of 6 in the dressage test are invited to perform a show test in the ring in groups of two. In the show test, the following traits are evaluated: front end use, carriage, suspension, front leg action, hind leg use, desire to work, and overall impression as a harness horse. Scores for suspension, front leg action, and hind leg use count double. A maximum score of 100 points is possible, with 75 points a passing score.

IBOP for Gelder Horses
Gelder horses participating in the IBOP may perform under saddle or in harness. The under-saddle test consists of a dressage test and several obstacles which must be jumped. The jumping component of the test includes evaluations both under-saddle and free-jumping. Horses participating in the in-harness test must perform a driving test and an obstacle test. The obstacle test consists of a course with ten required gates, nine with balls and one comprised of obstacles.

Evaluation Process
In the riding test, dressage horses and jumpers are evaluated on all three gaits: the walk, trot, and canter. In addition, jumpers are awarded scores for reflexes, form, and scope over jumps. Scores for talent as a dressage horse and talent as a jumper count double in the final result. A maximum of 100 points is possible, with 75 points required to pass the test. KWPN-registered horses with a passing score are awarded the IBOP predicate.


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