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A mare with the predicate ster has proven that she has a correct and functional conformation and a proper manner of movement and/or jumping. During the studbook inspection a mare can receive the predicate ster directly, if she is awarded with enough points. Jumping bred mares must at least obtain 70 points for conformation, a minimum of 75 points for jumping and on average 60 points for the walk and trot to be awarded with the ster predicate.
Dressage-bred mares must at least obtain 70 points for conformation and at least 75 points for the movements.

If the mare does obtain 70 points for her conformation, but not the required 75 points for loose movement or loose jumping, then it is possible to offer a mare for a performance test, the IBOP test or the EPTM. During this test, the mare has another chance to show her performance in dressage or jumping. If she does obtain the required 75 points in this test, then she is awarded with the ster predicate after all. Mares that have obtained 70 points as a jumper for conformation, but not the required 75 points for jumping or free movement, can also become a ster mare if she obtains the predicate sport (jumping) or sport (dressage) later on in the sports. KWPN-horses of all breeding sorts must comply with the rule that they have a minimum height at withers of 1,60 meter to be considered for the ster predicate.


The Keur predicate informs the breeder that he has a full-quality mare. The conformation of the mare and her talent for the sport are above average. Studbook mares with the predicate ster can be offered at the Central Inspection to be considered for the predicate ‘preliminary keur’.
At the Central Inspection, the mares are judged and placed in order of quality. Depending on the quality, the jury decides which and how many mares become preliminary keur. To become keur, they have shown in the sport or in a performance test that they have enough talent as a sporthorse. If a mare with the predicate preliminary keur passes the performance test, she will receive the predicate Keur. Another option for such a mare to receive the predicate keur is to show in the sport that she has enough qualities as a sport-horse. A jumper must be M-jumping (1.20m) or M-eventing (cross 1.00m, Jumping Course 1.05m) and have five winning points. Dressage mares must be Z1-dressage with one winning point or M-eventing with five winning points.


PROK means Project Röntgenologisch Onderzoek KWPN (Project Radiographical research KWPN). Of course, a breeder wants to breed a healthy horse. This is also part of the breeding purpose of the KWPN. The predicate PROK is awarded to KWPN-horses that comply with the radiographical conditions of the studbook. For the breeder this entails that his horse has good bone quality and is therefore able to pass on a good basis to its offspring.

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DNA-certificate (D-OC)

More informatio about D-OC


The IBOP (Individueel Bruikbaarheids Onderzoek Paarden) is a one-day performance test in which a jury will judge mares under the saddle. The test includes the estimation of her talent for the sport. Dressage horses are evaluated in a dressage test. Afterwards, the jury will ask to repeat a number of elements by direction of the jury. Jumpers must jump a number of obstacles by direction of the jury. A maximum of 100 points can be obtained, and with 75 points a mare has passed the test she will receive the predicate of IBOP.


The EPTM (Eigen Prestatie Toets Merries) (Own Performance Test Mares) is a talent test in which the owner of a mare farms out the daily care and the training to the KWPN-Center. Depending on the level of training of the horse, either a five- or two-week test is possible. The training for the dressage horses focuses on showing pace gaits, in such a way that the jury can form a good picture of the horse’s talent. The training for jumpers focuses on jumping over a number of obstacles, again in such a way that the jury can form a good picture of the horse’s talent. The horses are judged multiple times during the EPTM. A maximum of 100 points can be obtained, and with 75 points a mare has passed the test she will receive the predicate EPTM-jumping or dressage.


Mares with the Keur-predicate receive the predicate ‘elite’ if they have the PROK-predicate or DNA-OC-predicate as well and therefore comply with the radiographical conditions of the KWPN. The predicate elite is the highest predicate that a mare can obtain in the area of conformation and health. A mare with this predicate is part of an exclusive group of very high-quality mares. A breeder with an elite mare has a genetically healthy mare, with an above average conformation and a talent for the sport.


In order to deserve the predicate sport, a mare must comply with the requirements drawn up in the sport. Riding mares receive the predicate sport with a performance of Z2 dressage with one winning point (obtained when scoring 60% or higher), Z-jumping with six winning points (3 clear rounds) or Z-eventing with five winning points.

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When a mare has achieved the predicate preferent, this means that her offspring has performed well at the inspection. This is an important predicate for a broodmare, because a preferent mare has proven to deliver offspring with a good conformation and the necessary talent for the sport. If at least three of her direct offspring have achieved the predicate ster, keur or elite at an inspection or if they are appointed for a second round viewing at the KWPN-Stallion Show, the mare has deserved the preferent predicate. A descendant registered as an approved stallion in a studbook acknowledged by the KWPN does also count for the preferent status of his mother.


The predicate Prestatie indicates the power of inheritance of a mare with respect to sport. This predicate is also of great value to a broodmare. It means that her offspring performs well in the sport. To achieve this predicate, a mare with a maximum of three descendants must achieve a minimum of five points according to the system explained on the page score for Prestatie predicate. A mare with, for example, two descendants at Z-jumping with winning points and one having five winning points in M-jumping, has exactly five points and is therefore eligible for the Prestatie predicate.

Points system Prestatie Predicate

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