Rare and insecure circumstances at the moment. But one thing is for sure, the foal season has ‘just’ started. The first foals are born here and there and can enjoy the spring weather already. It is wonderful to see these young foals every year. We figured out which stallions have given the most foals last year. In 2019 almost 11.000 foals were born, from which almost 4.700 dressage foals.

The top 5 sires of the dressage foals that were born last year is as follows:

  1. Just Wimphof: 348 dressage foals
  2. GLOCK’s Toto Jr.: 208 dressage foals
  3. Daily Diamond: 143 dressage foals
  4. Desperado: 135 dressage foals
  5. Fontaine TN: 127 dressage foals

Just Wimphof
Just like last year, Just Wimphof takes the lead in this ranking. In 2018 he had around 200 dressage foals registered at the KWPN, last year this was even higher with 348 foals. The six-year-old Just Wimphof received only 9’s in the final of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition and with that earned a score of 90 points. Renate van Uytert – van Vliet and Just Wimphof qualified for the final of the World Championship Young Dressage horses via the small final last year. The De Niro-son (ds.Riccione, breeder C. Rienks-Kramer) trotted as nice that this earned him a 9 for his trot.

GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
Also the second place has the same stallion as last year, namely GLOCK’s Toto Jr. (Totilas x Desperados, breeder Schmidt). Just like Just Wimphof the number of registered foals by him has risen. With Hans Peter Minderhoud the audience got to enjoy this Totilas-son during the KWPN Stallion Show.

Daily Diamond
Last year still in fifth place, but this year we see Daily Diamond (Daily Deal x Furst Heinrich, breeder J.H. Hormann) in third place. He notes a bit more registered offspring than in 2018. Besides this he has been the top producer at the National Foal Inspection for dressage foals.

Newcomer in the ranking in comparison to last year is the silver medal winner Desperado (Vivaldi x Havidoff, breeder fam. Andeweg). With Emmelie Scholtens he participated at the European Championships in Rotterdam. Last year he has 135 foals registered at the KWPN. Desperado is also the oldest stallion in the ranking with his 12 years old.

Fontaine TN
The only non KWPN-approved stallion in the ranking is the five-year-old Fontaine TN (Finest x Samarant). He is also new in this ranking and last year he had 127 KWPN registered dressage foals. At the moment he is being educated by Bart Veeze.

Young stallions
If we look at the young stallions, in this case stallions that are maximum eight years old, then 57% of the KWPN-registered foals have a young stallion as their sire. In the top 5 all stallions are in this category except for Desperado. GLOCK’s Toto Jr.-son Kingston Blue Hors (out of Arina by Turbo Magic, breeder J. Zeewuster) was the sire of 122 KWPN-registered dressage foals last year. This stallion was sold to Blue Hors in 2018 and is available for breeding there.

Total number of stallions
In total the stallions in the top 5 have 961 foals together, which is 20% of the total KWPN-registered dressage foals. Two percent higher than last year, but still five percent less than 2017. 348 different stallions sired the KWPN-registered dressage foals. From these 348 stallions, 265 stallions have sired 1 to 10 foals. 35 stallions note 11 to 25, 24 stallions 26 to 50 and 15 51 to 100. Nine stallions noted 101 foals or more. In total this group made for most foals: 1.410. This is 30% of the total.

Next week we look at the sires for the last year born jumping foals.

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Photo Just Wimphof: Leanjo de Koster

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