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DNA-predicate osteochondrosis (D-OC)

In 2016, the KWPN introduced the genomic breeding value for osteochondrosis, that indicates the genetic predisposition of a horse relative to the current KWPN population. Building upon that, a predicate was developed for horses that breed averagely or better than average with regards to osteochondrosis. This predicate is called the D-OC predicate and is awarded to horses that have a genomic breeding value OC of 95 or higher.

To apply

You can apply for the DNA-Predicate-Osteochondrosis (D-OC) in My KWPN. The only condition is that you, as an applicant, must be a member of the KWPN and that the horses must be registered in your name. You can submit applications for multiple horses at the same time and also request an WFFS-test in the same form.

The results of the DNA-test will be a genomic breeding value for OC (GFW OC).

Apply for D-OC predicate


  • KWPN-horse: €163,50 incl. 21% VAT.
  • For horses that are not of KWPN origin, a surcharge of €78,50 incl. 21% VAT) applies. This surcharge will lapse as the horse is being registered into the KWPN studbook.
Discount on D-OC for foals!
When you apply for a DNA-OC predicate directly when registering a riding horse foal, you receive a discount of €13,50 (incl. VAT) so the costs for requesting a D-OC predicate with a foal registration are €150,- (incl. 21% VAT).

What will be done?

The DNA-test can be executed with use of a hair-sample that will be taken by the foal-inspector or, when you live abroad, needs to be taken by your veterinary surgeon during the sketching procedure and microchipping of the foal. KWPN has hair-samples of most older horses in her archive. After applying for the test, the hair-sample will be searched for in the archive. If it is no longer available, we will contact you to discuss the further procedure.

The aim is to be able to report the result 4 to 6 weeks after the delivery of the hair. You will receive an e-mail from us when the results can be viewed in My KWPN. When you log in, you can then click on the relevant horse. In the menu you will see under 'Actions' the option 'Download document: Genoom Fokwaarde OC (DNA test)'. If you click on this you can view the result and save it and / or print out. Horses with a Genomic Breeding Value OC higher than 95 are rewarded with the predicate D-OC. This happens automatically, you do not need to take any action yourself. And suppose you have, for example, a keurmare, it will also automatically become 'elite' now that the predicate D-OC has been rewarded.


Since introducing the D-OC predicate, this way of testing has replaced the radiographic examination for OC in stallions: riding horse stallions that are presented in the second round viewing need to have a genomic breeding value for OC. They will also be examined radiograophilcally for navicular and spavins.

For mares applies that owners can use both the PROK-certificate (based on the x-rays) as well as the D-OC predicate to obtain the elite-predicate for their mares.
Register A-mares that have been rewarded ‘preliminary keur’ can (when they meet the requirements for the sport, IBOP, EPTM or sportpredicate) – become keur with both the D-OC or the PROK predicate. The PROK predicate (Project Röntgenologisch Onderzoek KWPN) is given to KWPN horses that meet the radiographic requirements of the studbook. X-rays can be made from april 1st in the year the horse turns two. When one makes use of the D-OC predicate, the horse still needs to meet the radiographic requirements for navicular and spavins.

Advantages D-OC

The DNA test for the Genomic Breeding Value can already be done on a foal and is focused on heredity: to what extent has the horse the ability to pass on OC to the offspring? The result of the DNA test, the Genomic Breeding Value (GFW OC), is three times more reliable for breeding purposes than the PROK examination for the OC-components. This is because the DNA test is done directly on the DNA and thus says more about the breeding characteristics (inheritance) of a horse. Another important difference with PROK is that a breeder knows at a much earlier stage what the OC inheritance of his horse is.
For the breeding industry in general it is a great advantage that the OC breeding value can be calculated at a much earlier stage for not only the mares, but especially also for young stallions. Previously, these breeding values ​​for stallions were calculated on the basis of the offspring study OC, now on the basis of DNA analysis that immediately makes a statement about their OC-inheritance. This information is known no less than four years earlier for the breeders than in the case of the earlier used offspring-research. The D-OC breeding value of stallions can be found in the KWPN Database under 'genetic profile'.

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