The KWPN offers foal registration, whereby we arrange everything for you after registration. New this year is the possibility to have your foal tested for WFFS. In combination with a genomic breeding value examination, you will receive an extra discount.

According to European regulations, all horses older than six months must have a horse passport and a chip. By registering the foal with the KWPN, the foal is microchipped and sketched by a passport consultant and is also automatically registered in the database of RVO (Dutch National Office for Entrepreneurship). The parentage testing of the sire is added as an extra service. During the first year of the foal's life, you will receive several interesting mailings with relevant information for your foal.

Discount on D-OC and WFFS testing

In 2016, the KWPN introduced the genomic breeding value for osteochondrosis, which represents the genetic condition of the horse in relation to the current KWPN population. If you apply for the genomic breeding value examination when registering your foal, you will receive a €13.50 discount on this (incl. 21% VAT). You then pay €150 for the research (incl. 21% VAT). You can apply directly when registering the foal in My KWPN, but you can also benefit from the discount at a later date. And there are even more benefits, because when you request the WFFS test in combination with the genomic breeding value test, you pay only €18.15 (incl. 21% VAT) for the WFFS test instead of €47.80. Soon, it will also be possible to request the WFFS test for older horses through My KWPN. The discount also applies to older horses in combination with an application for the genomic breeding value examination.

Are you expecting a foal soon? Or do you plan to breed in the future? We have listed useful tips, the most frequently asked questions, and information about the breeding and registration of your foal(s). Would you like to enjoy the foals of other breeders or show your own foal(s) to fellow breeders? Then become a member of the special Facebook group for KWPN Foals!

As of April 21, 2021, the European Animal Health Regulation will enter into force in the Netherlands, which means that the identification and registration (I&R) of horses will become much more restrictive. It has recently become possible to register horses with a UBN number to ensure you meet the new legislation that is about to come into force. The KWPN will gladly assist you in registering your horses on the RVO website.

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