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Radiographic Exams / PROK

PROK means Project Röntgenologisch Onderzoek KWPN (Project Radiographical research KWPN).
Of course, a breeder wants to breed a healthy horse. This is also part of the breeding purpose of the KWPN. The predicate PROK is awarded to KWPN-horses that comply with the radiographical conditions of the studbook. For the breeder this entails that his horse has good bone quality and is therefore able to pass on a good basis to its offspring.

During the radiographical exam X-rays are made of the front legs and hind legs. In the front legs, the navicular bone, the sesamoid bones, the fetlock joint and the coffin joint are evaluated. In the hind legs, the hock, the stifle and the fetlock joint are evaluated. The results of the examination are split up in classes. On the basis of these classes it is decided if the horse complies with the demands of the PROK-certificate.
The studbook has acknowledged veterinary surgeons throughout the country who can take X-rays. If you do not live in the Netherlands and you would like to have your horse evaluated for PROK, please contact the KWPN ( for the specific demands which the X-rays have to comply with.
After the evaluation of the X-rays by an independent evaluation committee of the KWPN, the PROK-certificate can be given in case of a positive evaluation.

​Explanation KWPN X-ray assessment of the various skeleton parts
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