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One of the KWPN’s breeding directions is the Gelder horse. Founded on the famous Gelder type of the past, it is a horse with elegant conformation. The Gelder horse has a well-developed forehand, substantial bone and mass, and impressive, distinct gaits with push and power originating in the hindquarters. Noted for its great versatility, the Gelder horse is suited for work in harness as well as under saddle and is distinguished by its happy attitude and reliable temperament.

Breeding standard Gelder Horses
The KWPN distinguishes a separate breeding standard for each breeding direction. These standards are, in fact, descriptions of the ideal dressage-, jumping-, harness- and Gelders horse. In preparation thereof, the functional aspect for sport is taken as the starting point. The Gelder horse is suited for work in harness as well as under saddle and is distinguished by its happy attitude and reliable temperament.
The breeding standard helps to evaluate horses objectively and uniformly. It provides framework in which jury members give their evaluations. This reduces the risk of pronounced personal preferences and therefore increases the uniformity, reproducibility and the reliability of the evaluation.

Gelder Horse

          A well-proportioned body that has substance and a generous front;
          Has a rectangular shaped body;
          Is built slightly uphill;
          Has a correct and clean legs with a lot of bone;
          Is elegant and has presence;

Movement (dressage and in-harness)
          Has a pure, four-beat walk, that is active with suppleness and impulsion;
          Has a pure, two-beat trot that is active and has suppleness, impulsion and articulation of the knee, with balance, self-carriage and power from behind;
          Has a pure, three-beat canter with impulsion, balance and self-carriage;
          Has much self-carriage during movement and makes front.

          Leaves the ground with a powerful take-off;
          Jumps with the withers elevated, reaching their highest point in the middle of the jump;
          The ability to collect greatly in the last canter stride before an obstacle and place the hind;
          Lifts the forearms above the horizontal and folds the cannon bones under the forearms;
          Bascules: lowers the neck over the jump, allowing the body to follow the direction of the neck;
          Opens the hindquarter;
          Lands light-footed and canters off easily;
          Is careful and efficient;
          Is very willing to jump.

          Has a willing, reliable and honest character;
          Is easy to handle.

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The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.

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