Breeding values

You can find the most important breeding values in these overviews, but also extensive breeding values of the individual characteristics have been set up. These can be found from each individual stallion in the KWPN Database under the heading ‘genetic profile’. Also from mares the breeding values can be found in the KWPN Database, however the breeding values of all horses should have a reliability of minimal 30% to be published online. Carefully select stallions on a certain breeding value? That is possible in the KWPN Database, search with the option ‘Breeding values’.

KWPN Database

You can find the extensive breeding values per trait per stallion in the KWPN Database under the header ‘Genetic Profile’. With the search function you can also choose the 'Breeding Values' option to select stallions with specific breeding values.

The breeding values of mares can be viewed individually in the KWPN Database, also under the headier ‘Genetic Profile’. For all horses, the reliability of the breeding value must be 30% or higher to be eligible for publication.

KWPN Database

Explanation breeding values

Every performance of a horse can be seen as the sum of predisposition (genetic predisposition of the horse) and environmental influences (training, rider, management, nutrition, etc.), also called the environment. For breeding it is about the genetic predisposition, because only that is passed on to the offspring. A breeding value is an estimate of that genetic predisposition. The KWPN calculates breeding values for sports, movement, conformation and health characteristics.

Explanation breeding values
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