Breeding directions

The KWPN has drafted selection standards describing the conformation, and jumping style of the ideal KWPN horse. In the scoring process, inspectors compare each horse against the selection standards to determine how that horse measures up to those standards. these selection standards are set up for each breeding direction:

Breeding direction: Dressage horses

KWPN dressage horses have three correct, pure, active, and powerful basic gaits with natural balance and suspension: they are the image of light-footedness and self-carriage. These qualities, combined with their performance orientation and durability, guarantee success for the KWPN dressage horse.

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Breeding direction: Jumper horses

KWPN jumpers are known for their unmistakable jumping talent combined with a cooperative and fearless temperament, a healthy body, and a sound mind. They are intelligent, athletic horses that easily and willingly do what is expected of them. Whether performing at the highest professional level or any other, KWPN jumpers go about their work enthusiastically.

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Breeding direction: Harness horses

Explosive power, a proud and elevated carriage, and a rock-steady rhythm: the KWPN harness horse possesses everything both professional and amateur drivers desire. KWPN harness horses are known for their proud bearing and spectacular movement: a long moment of suspension in the trot; big striding front legs with high knee action; and hind legs that step powerfully under the body. 

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Breeding direction: Gelder horses

 The Gelder horse has a well-developed forehand, substantial bone and mass, and impressive, distinct gaits with push and power originating in the hindquarters. Noted for its great versatility, the Gelder horse is suited for work in harness as well as under saddle and is distinguished by its happy attitude and reliable temperament.

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Eventing horses and hunters

Because many KWPN jumpers meet the current criteria for eventing, a need has arisen for more structured talent scouting and breeder recognition. 

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Driving horses

   The KWPN horse has become even more popular amongst carriage drivers. KWPN horses are successful at international combined driving events and are used in all driving disciplines; singles, pairs and four-in-hands.

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