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In the context of increasing genetic variation in dressage breeding it has been possible for a few years now to register offspring of KWPN-approved stallions out of purebred Lusitano or PRE mLuares. The offspring of KWPN-approved stallions out of purebred Lusitanos and PREs (Pura Raza Espanola) are registered in the register A of the KWPN. Thus, they will receive a KWPN registration. The offspring can – when they meet the criteria for studbook acceptance – be admitted to the studbook at a later age and can qualify for predicates.

Breeding horses out of the combination KWPN-stallion x Lusitano/PRE mare attempts to add the strong qualities of both breeds (Lusitano and PRE) to dressage horse breeding: both Lusitano and PRE horses are renowned for their natural talent for collection and their great aptitude for passage and piaffe.

A group of enthusiastic breeders has approached the KWPN with the request to allow foals to be registered that are born out of KWPN-mares combined to purebred Lusitano or PRE stallions. This is possible: the offspring of these crosses can be registered in register B of the KWPN and therefore receive a KWPN registration paper and passport.

Although horses that are registered in Register B are excluded from participation in regular conformation inspections, there are still various opportunities for register B-horses: they can partake in young horse competitions such as the Blom Cup or Pavo Cup and thereby may qualify for selection for the World Breeding Championships for young dressage or jumper horses. It is furthermore possible to present these horses in various ability tests.

Register B-horses are also eligible for the sport predicate and – based on the accomplishments of their offspring – the prestatie predicate. Register B-stallions may – after the approval of the General Board – participate in the stallion selection route to qualify for KWPN approval.

Every year, an inspection specifically for these crossbreeds is organised at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo. At this inspection, all these crossbreed products can be presented to and evaluated by the KWPN inspectors.

To get an idea of breeding with PRE/Lusitano stallions it has been decided to open this inspection to register B horses (PRE/Lusitano stallion x warmblood mare). This day offers a great opportunity to see the breeding potency of the register A crossings (dressage stallion x Lusitano/PRE mare) as well as register B crossbreeds (Lusitano/PRE stallion x dressage mare).

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