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In the context of the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) it is advisable to test broodmares so that you know whether your mare is a carrier. Research into carrier status is very simple at the Van Haeringen Laboratory. The test costs €50,19 (incl. 21% VAT).

You can send in a hair sample and two signed forms, namely ' Witness Sampling Statement' and a 'Submission Form Horse' to the Laboratory. If you want the KWPN to enter the result in the database, the hair sample must be taken by a KWPN passport consultant (costs € 11.45 in the Netherlands) or by a veterinarian. It is important that you ask the passport consultant or veterinarian to complete and sign the ' Witness Sampling Statement’. You can download this form from the Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory website, just like the 'Submission Form Horse' you fill out and sign yourself (see download links below). Then send the hair sample with the two signed forms to:

Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory B.V.
AgroBusinessPark 100
6708 PW Wageningen
The Netherlands

Usually you get the results within ten working days, you will receive it personally, accompanied by the invoice.

Test result in the KWPN Database
If you wish this result to be included in the KWPN Database, you can send the official results of the laboratory together with the corresponding 'Witness Sampling Statement' to:

Regarding: WFFS test
PO Box 156
3840 AD Harderwijk
The Netherlands

Or mail the scanned forms to

Hair sample present at KWPN office
It is possible that a hair sample of your horse is stored at the KWPN office. You can check this via In that case, we’ll support you happily and you can send us a request to send in the sample to the laboratory.  We then need to receive the completed and signed ‘Submission Form Horse' from you. The KWPN sends this, together with a ‘Witness Sampling Statement' and the hair sample, to the Van Haeringen Laboratory. You remain the purchaser of the WFFS test and will receive the result and the corresponding invoice after the test is done. In this case too, if you want to have the result of the WFFS test entered in the KWPN Database, you can send the official result together with the corresponding witness form, which will be send back to you, by post or scan it and send it by email to the KWPN, regarding WFFS.


Ordering the WFFS-test at VHL Genetics (CombiBreed)

‘Witness Sampling Statement'

‘Submission Form Horse'

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