31 August 2022 | 16:12

VDL Lightfeet (s.Arezzo VDL) wins Blom Cup for six-year-olds

During the Blom Cup final for six-year-olds the audience was treated to beautiful sport. Alex Gill produced the fastest clear round aboard VDL Lightfeet, bred by Geert van der Meer.
31 August 2022 | 11:49

Nina Quite wins Blom Cup with a 9.5 for jumping

This morning, the Blom Cup Finals have kicked off with the four-year-old class. Megan Laseur piloted the Andiamo de Semilly-daughter Nina Quite to the title.
30 August 2022 | 21:07

Nelson (s.Highway M TN) wins semi-final Blom Cup

Tal Milstein and Marcel Beukers assessed over 60 four-year-old jumper horses in the semi-final of the Blom Cup today. Ridden by Renee de Weert, it was Nelson (s.Highway M TN) that emerged as the winner.
30 August 2022 | 19:21

Blom Cup: beautiful sport in seven-year-old class

Just like yesterday, the seven-year-old horses set foot in the impressive grass arena of Valkenswaard. The 25 best horses, 11 of which remained clear over the two rounds, have qualified for the final.
30 August 2022 | 17:11

Blom Cup: five-year-old finalists determined

The second round of the semi-final for 5-year-olds has come to an end, 26 combinations cleared today’s course in the main arena. As the results are in for both rounds now, the list of the 40 finalists could also be drawn up.
30 August 2022 | 14:38

Blom Cup: 45 six-year-olds clear second round

In the sand arena of Tops International Arena, the six-year-old jumper horses have just completed their second round in the semi-final of the Blom Cup. Nearly half of the entry list remained clear, including three KWPN-approved stallions.
29 August 2022 | 20:05

Blom Cup: 20 seven-year-old horses produce clear round

The last class on the first day of the Blom Cup in Valkenswaard has just come to an end. Out of the 54 seven-year-old horses, 20 produced a clear round. The second round is scheduled for 15.15hrs tomorrow.
29 August 2022 | 19:37

Blom Cup: 61 five-year-olds clear their first round

The five-year-old jumper horses have just finished their first round of the KWPN Championship Blom Cup in the sand arena. 61 of them completed the course flawlessly.
29 August 2022 | 18:12

Blom Cup: 56 clear six-year-olds in first round

115 six-year-olds jumper horses made their appearance at the Blom Cup today. Nearly half obtained a 0-penalty result in this first round.
25 August 2022 | 18:18

Program Blom Cup published

The program of the Blom Cup has been published. From the 29th till the 31st of August, the Netherlands’ best young showjumpers travel to Valkenswaard to compete in the Blom Cup. A fantastic stage for the talents for the future.
6 August 2022 | 21:25

Lightning Star triumphs in Pavo Cup final

Ferguson-daughter Lightning Star held on to her leading position in the Pavo Cup final for six-year-old dressage horses. Guest rider Eva Möller awarded the top talent a 9.5.
6 August 2022 | 21:12

Eva Möller puts My Blue Horse Santiano in the lead in Pavo Cup final

The KWPN-approved stallion My Blue Hors Santiano was ranked third after the first round of the Pavo Cup for five-year-olds. The Sezuan-son impressed guest rider Eva Möller with his pleasant rideability, which resulted in a 9.5 and the title.
6 August 2022 | 20:54

Nashville SW with 10 from Eva Möller to Pavo Cup-title

The four-year-old Nashville SW qualified for Ermelo with a top score and lived up to the expectations in the championship. The stallion won the semi-final, the first round of the final and finished it all of by receiving the ultimate 10 of guest rider Eva Möller.
5 August 2022 | 23:44

Ostara ST-J lives up to expectations and wins title

The Jansen family had this coveted title on their wish list for a long time already and their Dream Boy-offspring Ostara ST-J turned that dream into reality today.
5 August 2022 | 23:29

Former foal champion O’Dame VDL repeats feat in Ermelo

Nine fine mares were invited to the National Mare Championship final in the breeding direction jumping. The national foal champion of 2019, O’Dame VDL (s.Etoulon VDL) won the title.
5 August 2022 | 23:14

Gelder Horse: Og3ne victorious

Six three-year-old mares qualified for the KWPN Championships two weeks ago at the National Gelder Horse Day. It was Og3ne that secured the victory.
5 August 2022 | 22:57

These are the stunning National Foal Champions of 2022

The Friday of the KWPN Championships is known for the national foal champion. The foals have qualified at various pre-selection across the nation and their proud breeders keep their fingers crossed to win that prestigious Virbac Foal Trophy.
5 August 2022 | 21:12

Willeke Bos and Hans de Roover Breeders of the Year

As per tradition, the KWPN Championships in Ermelo also honours the Breeders of the Year. Willeke Bos was awarded this highest honour in the breeding direction dressage and Hans de Roover received the title for his accomplishments in jumper breeding.
4 August 2022 | 20:35

Top marks for Lightning Star RR in semi-final Pavo Cup

Scoring 87.6 points it was Ferguson-daughter Lightning Star RR that enchanted the jury the most in the semi-final of the Pavo Cup for six-year-olds.
4 August 2022 | 20:19

Secret-son Nashville SW takes the lead in semi-final Pavo Cup

Matty Marissink and Veronique Roerink judged 61 horses today in the semi-final of the Pavo Cup for four-year-olds. Ridden by Femke de Laat it was the Secret-son Nashville SW that obtained the top score of 91.8 points. He was awarded a 9 or higher four times, including a 9.7 for trot.
4 August 2022 | 20:01

Glock’s Toto Jr. leaves his mark on semi-final Pavo Cup for five-year-olds

The offspring of Glock’s Toto Jr. made quite an impression today in the semi-final for five-year-olds. Ridden by Danielle Heijkoop, his son Mac Toto USB trotted to a 9 and overall score of 87.2 points, thereby grabbing the lead towards the final of Saturday.
3 August 2022 | 10:56

Starting list semi-final Pavo Cup online

The starting lists for the semi-final of the Pavo Cup have been published. Thursday the 4th of August, the best young dressage horses of the Netherlands compete for the Pavo Cup. It promises to be an interesting competition as breeders can compare the various KWPN stallions with their peers and the jury includes some new names as well.
3 August 2022 | 09:57

Livestream during KWPN Championships

Unable to attend in person, but curious to see who will be the new champions? Don’t miss anything of the KWPN Championships and follow us via the livestream at
20 July 2022 | 13:43

KWPN Championships: fusion of sport and breeding

The KWPN Championships including the Pavo Cup are held at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo from the 3rduntil the 6th of August. The National harness day is organised in Lunteren on Saturday the 13th of August and the Blom Cup is ridden at the Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard from August 29 until 31.
29 June 2022 | 16:30

Watch the Pavo Cup selections with English commentary

The Pavo Cup is one of the many highlights of the KWPN Championships. The four-, five- and six-year-old dressage horses will compete in this battle of young dressage talents for the title of the Pavo Cup. You can watch the Pavo Cup selections via our livestream, with Dutch as well as English commentary, for free
8 January 2022 | 18:48

Older harness stallions steal the show

In the program of the first-round viewing of the harness stallions there was also time for the already approved stallions. The older stallions kicked the afternoon off. Each and every one of them put on a show; if spectators had been allowed, the crowd had surely gone wild! Fortunately, the livestream was open to viewers from all over the world, ensuring some great promotion of the harness horse.
22 December 2021 | 14:01

Date KWPN Championships 2022 known

The KWPN Championships will be held from August 3rd through August 6th 2022. After a year without or with limited audience, the organization will prepare a spectacular breeding event again. The KWPN Championships will be held at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo again.
2 September 2021 | 11:16

Report of the KWPN Championships 2021

KWPN-North America wrote an extensive report about the KWPN Championships. In the report, the dressage horses, jumping horses, Gelder horses, Harness horses and foals are discussed.
15 August 2021 | 19:40

Kadiene thanks to 10 from guest rider invincible

She won the semi-final and the first part of the final. Receiving a 10 from guest rider Philipp Hess, the Zhivago-daughter Kadiene secured the title. Presented by Svenja Grimm, the mare won the Pavo Cup for six-year-old horses.
15 August 2021 | 19:17

Las Vegas via three tens to Pavo Cup victory

The KWPN-approved stallion Las Vegas was the tipped favorite for the title after the semi-final for five-year-olds on Thursday. He completely lived up to those expectations in the final today. Ridden by Franka Loos he received tens for his trot, canter and by the guest rider.
15 August 2021 | 16:55

Ferguson-daughter My Precious triumphs in Pavo Cup (VIDEO)

The chestnut mare My Precious wo the semi-final and held onto the lead until the end. Presented by Kirsten Brouwer, she squeeked by Dinja van Liere and the KWPN-approved stallion McLaren after the ride of the guest judge.
14 August 2021 | 18:34

NHHD: Nalanita champion three-year-old mares

Nine three-year-old mares received an invite to the final at the National Harness Horse Day. It was Nalanita that was awarded highest honours in this class sponsored by Catering Culinair.
14 August 2021 | 16:17

Champion foal Ruwaldo gives breeders goosebumps

Atleet-offspring Ruwaldo (out of Juwalda ster by Cizandro) was declared champion of the harness foals today.
13 August 2021 | 23:15

Desperado-daughter Niana V.O.D. wins battle for National Mare Championships

A top-quality lead group of 14 dressage mares formed a beautiful highlight of the mare inspections season. The incredible mover Niana V.O.D. (s.Desperado) won the title.
13 August 2021 | 17:45

Asca Z-daughter Nirmosa MB wins national title

Seven jumper mares returned for the final of the National Mare Championships. The athletic Asca Z-daughter Nirmosa MB was crowned as champion.
13 August 2021 | 17:27

Virbac Foal Trophy dressage for Rosatrichta van de Westen

Five years ago, the stallion Le Formidable was crowned foal champion. Today his daughter Rosatrichta van de Westen followed in his footsteps an won the Virbac Foal Trophy. The foal of breeder Cees Kikkert was elected the best in a hotly contested final.
13 August 2021 | 17:01

Cantona TN-son Racoon W wins Virbac Foal Trophy

Joop van Wessel of Zwartebroek had the champion in hand today during the National Foal Championships of the jumper foals. His appealing colt Racoon W received the championships sash.
13 August 2021 | 16:47

Family Naber elected as Breeder of the Year

For Bertus Naber it came as a big surprise when he saw the KWPN-stallion Ferguson enter the arena for the celebration ceremony of family Naber as Breeder of the Year.
13 August 2021 | 16:20

NMC: Nina Amanda champion three-year-old Gelder mares

A few weeks ago, at the National Day of the Gelder Horse she was elected vice-champion and today she received the championships sash at the end of the Van Santvoort-class Three-year-old Gelder mares.
13 August 2021 | 16:07

NFC: Robinetty II National Foal Champion Gelder horse

For the final for the Virbac Trophy of the Gelder foals, six colts and four fillies entered the arena. They were well-matched. The jury was comprised of Marloes van der Velden, Reijer van Woudenberg and Wim Versteeg.
13 August 2021 | 00:30

Las Vegas with top score of the day to final Pavo Cup

Ridden by Franka Loos, he won the semi-final with 90.8 points.
12 August 2021 | 23:52

My Precious over 90 points in semi-final Pavo Cup

Following the six-year-olds, the semi-final of the Pavo Cup for four-year-olds was also headed by a mare. Ferguson-daughter My Precious moved to a total of 90.2 under Kirsten Brouwer.
12 August 2021 | 22:51

Zhivago-daughter Kadiene takes the lead in semi-final Pavo Cup

The semi-final of the Pavo Cup kicked off this morning with the six-year-old category. Obtaining a score of 88,6 points, the semi-final was won by the mare Kadiene, presented by Svenja Grimm.
11 August 2021 | 22:01

Blom Cup: two nines for winner Mees vd Watermolen

After being the shared top scorer yesterday, the KWPN-approved Mees van de Watermolen (s.Vannan) convinced the jury once again today. Receiving two 9s, he won the Blom Cup for four-year-olds.
11 August 2021 | 21:39

Blom Cup: Love de Vie (s.Grandorado TN) wins among five-year-olds *VIDEO*

Last year she was so close to a win but had to settle for the second place. Today, Matthew Sampson steered her to revenge. The Grandorado TN-daughter Love de Vie just won the Blom Cup for five-year-olds.
11 August 2021 | 21:09

Blom Cup: Kwik Tweet (s.For Pleasure) claims title of 6-year-olds *VIDEO*

Three years after his victory with Ipsthar, Bas Moerings again claimed the victory in the Blom Cup. Aboard the fast, careful For Pleasure-daughter Kwik Tweet he ensured family success in Valkenswaard.
9 August 2021 | 22:08

Friends of the KWPN award breeder premiums at Blom Cup and KWPN Championships

Premiums for the best gelding, mare and stallion and the champion and vice-champion of the National Mare and Foal Championships
22 July 2021 | 14:18

Doron Kuipers: “You don’t get the chance to ride at Valkenswaard very often.”

At the Blom Cup 2020, Doron Kuipers scored highly with the Falaise de Muze daughter Just Special VK. After winning the semi-final, the combination also triumphed in the final for six-year-old horses.
26 August 2020 | 13:03

Convincing Icarus V wins Blom Cup for seven-year-olds

After winning the semi-final, Ruben Romp also won the final of the Blom Cup for seven-year-olds with the Biscayo son Icarus V owned by main sponsor Rinus Blom and Robert Muntel. He received the Championship title.
26 August 2020 | 12:59

Kardinaal HX gets a beautiful victory in the Blom Cup

The KWPN-approved stallion Kardinaal HX (by Don Diablo HX) is the new champion of the Blom Cup for five-year-olds! Under Pieter Keunen, the Stal Hendrix owned stallion proved unbeatable.
26 August 2020 | 12:54

Blom Cup: Dallas VDL son Lamborghini wins four-year-olds championship

It was an exciting battle in the Blom Cup for four-year-olds. Both VSN champion Love de Vie (by Grandorado TN) and Lamborghini (by Dallas VDL) got 9.3 and 9.0 in the final.
26 August 2020 | 12:50

Just Special VK stays ahead and wins Blom Cup

To be able to win the final after already winning the semifinal of the Blom Cup is very difficult to achieve. But that’s exactly what Falaise de Muze daughter Just Special VK and Doron Kuipers did in the Blom Cup for six-year-olds.
19 August 2020 | 11:50

Mirzela van Hapert brings Mare Championships to a smashing end

In advance, it became clear that the battle for the Harness horse title would be between the Cizandro daughters Mirzela van Hapert and Mexxima. They did not make it easy for each other and the jury, but the very expressive and powerful Mirzela van Hapert convinced during the final round in the pouring rain that there was no longer any doubt: she was the champion.
19 August 2020 | 11:05

Edmundo's charming daughter Miss Montreal Gelder champion mare

With three mares in the championship ring, the final round for the Gelder mares was certainly not the biggest championship of the day. Edmundo daughter Miss Montreal was crowned champion of this breeding direction, referring Mia-Amanda to the reserve title.
18 August 2020 | 16:26

Dream Boy-dochter Magna Charta National Champion

Last weekend the special inspection season of 2020 came to a shining end. Under lovely weather-conditions the Dream Boy daughter Magna Charta was crowned National Champion dressage mares in Ermelo.
18 August 2020 | 11:27

Complete Mette VDL (v.Etoulon VDL) wins championship 3-year-old jumping mares

The adjusted 2020 inspection season has come to a beautiful end last weekend. The Etoulon VDL daughter Mette VDL was crowned National Mare Champion jumper mares, leading the group of seven mares in the final.
14 August 2019 | 20:54

Free livestream: Presentation Young Jumping Foal Sale

In addition to the Young Jumping Foal Sale all auction foals will be presented in the big arena of the KWPN Kampioenschappen at 10.55 am.
14 August 2019 | 15:00

Only 24 hours before the Young Jumping Foal Sale

Looking for a promising foal? Have a look at the collection, come to Ermelo and make your bids! Are you not able to come? Bidding by telephone is also possible.
31 July 2019 | 19:00
Collection online

A lot of top sport genes in collection Young Jumping Foal Sale

Fiftheen foals by young, promising jumping stallions out of mares who performed themselves at least 1.30m level or received the Prestatie predicate based on their successful offspring. The collection can be viewed on the auctionwebsite:
26 July 2019 | 12:37

Final collections Young Jumping Foals and KWPN Online Foal Auction

Last Wednesday the photo- and video day for the Online- and Young Jumping Foal Auction took place at the KWPN centre in Ermelo. With more than 40 foals, we can without a doubt, say it was a busy day. The final collections have been formed and the first collection will be online next week.
28 August 2018 | 16:54

Dutch Top Foals auctions 1, 2 and 3 of National Foal Championships

The foal auction Midden-Nederland, also known as Dutch Top Foals auction, has selected another top collection for their 16th edition on Wednesday September 5th. Amongst the foals are the National Foal Championships dressage champion Nina Ricci (s.Franklin), Nyandro JZ (s.Geniaal) who obtained the bronze and the vicec-hampion of the jumper foals Newsflash (s.Hardwell).
19 August 2018 | 08:58

KWPN Championships: Glock’s Total U.S., Imposantos and Jameson RS2 dominate Pavo Cup

The last day of the KWPN Championships is focused on the dressage sport. In the Pavo Cup, four-, five- and six-year old talents battle for the title. The new champions are Jameson RS2, Imposantos and Glock’s Total U.S.
18 August 2018 | 12:44

KWPN Championships: thrilling conclusion in National Foal and Mare championships

Traditionally, the Friday is a day filled with the best foals and mares the KWPN breeders have to offer. The prestigious championships are a must-see for any enthusiastic breeder and are always a guarantee for exciting finals bursting with remarkable talent.
16 August 2018 | 22:00

KWPN Championships: phenomenal winners Blom Cup

Today, the audience was treated to the thrilling finals of the Blom Cup, the exciting eventing championships and the first edition of Young Jumping Foal Sale.
15 August 2018 | 22:33

KWPN Championships: Impressive quality in semi-final Pavo Cup

After two days of young show jumpers in the arena, today was the time to shine for the young dressage talents. The starting tickets for the Pavo Cup finals on Saturday have been divided.
15 August 2018 | 20:08

LIVE tomorrow: the first edition of the Young Jumping Foal Sale!

Are you looking for new young talent, a foal you will not find dozens of? Don’t look any further and make your choice in the collection of the very first edition of the Young Jumping Foal Sale.
14 August 2018 | 18:53

KWPN Championships: Finalists Blom Cup selected

The second day of the KWPN Championships revolved around the second round of the Blom Cup, for four-, five-, six- and seven-year-old show jumpers.
1 June 2018 | 16:27
Entries now open!

Entries for Pavo Cup, Blom Cup and KWPN Championship for five-year-old eventers now open!

From 10 to 18 August, the KWPN Championships will take place at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo. The KWPN Championships form the podium of honor of KWPN breeding; more than a week of great sport and the best of KWPN breeding!
19 April 2018 | 12:40

Program KWPN Championships is known

From August 10th through 18, the KWPN Championships take place at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo. The KWPN Championships form the podium of honor of the KWPN breeding, a week filled with top-sport and top-breeding!
19 August 2017 | 17:11

Blom Cup: Idagonda, Gloed, Blom's Hiek'n and Ferdinand invincible

Today the Blom Cup was concluded, in this show jumping class the best four- five-, six- and seven-year-old horses battled for the national title. The last three age categories could also qualify themselves for the World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses in Lanaken, Belgium.
19 August 2017 | 12:23

Jatilinda (s.All at Once) and Joliciapina (s.Carambole) win National Mare championships

The final of the three-year-old mares formed a magnificent conclusion to an equally beautiful day at the KWPN Championships. No less than 14 dressage mares and 12 jumper-bred mares were invited to the championships round to compete for the title National Mare Champion in their respective breeding direction.
19 August 2017 | 10:54

Mijnsinaa and Metallic win foal championships

Mijnsinaa (s.Emillion) was crowned champion of the show jumping bred foals, while Metallic (s.Franklin) was the best dressage foal.
8 August 2017 | 09:50

Program KWPN Championships

Come and visit the KWPN Center during the KWPN Championships!
7 August 2017 | 18:03

KWPN Championships: Activities Foreign Visitors - 17-20 August 2017

The KWPN Championships are right around the corner and KWPN would love to welcome you to the KWPN Center in Ermelo for this superb event. We offer our foreign visitors two special possibilities to explore KWPN breeding and make the most out of their visit.
13 August 2016 | 10:09

KWPN Championships: Iveniz Texel RS2 (s.Negro) claims title

Le Formidable (s.Bordeaux) danced to the National Championships for Dressage foals title.
13 August 2016 | 09:55

KWPN Championships: It's A Girl (s.Etoulon) National Champion

Etoulon provided both the national champion of the three-year-old jumper mares and the jumper foals.
13 August 2016 | 08:58

KWPN Championships: Is Mooi champion of the Gelder Mares

Ludo (s.Danser) wins National Foal Championships
11 August 2016 | 22:43

KWPN Championships: Chapeau TN, Global Express, Flair & Escapade H triumph in Isah Cup

The always exciting finals of the Isah Cup for the 4-,5-,6- and 7-year-olds had the following winners today: Chapeau TN (s. Clearway) , Global Express (s.Orient Express), Flair (s. Zirocco Blue VDL) and Escapade H (s. Vingino).
11 August 2016 | 21:30

KWPN Championships: Happynesse E, Glock's Toto Jr & Fenix win Pavo Cup

Happynesse E (s.Rousseau), Glock's Toto Jr (s.Totilas) and Fenix (s.Vivaldi) win the Pavo Cup 2016
9 August 2016 | 17:35

KWPN Championships: summary day 2

On the second day of the KWPN Championships the semi-finals of the Pavo Cup for five- and six-year-olds and the first round of the Isah Cup for four- and six-year-olds.
9 August 2016 | 14:46

KWPN Championships: Stallions strong on first day

The first day of the KWPN Championships featured the young horses competitions Isah Cup and Pavo Cup.
15 August 2015 | 08:34

Faya N Champion Among Gelder Ster- Keur- and Elite Mares

The class for Gelder ster-, keur- and elite mares boasted exceptionally strong entries. The highlight among them was the fantastic mover Faya N (s.Alexandro P).
15 August 2015 | 08:29

Hanna-Amanda: Queen of Three-Year-Old Gelder Mares

With only four entries, the class was small but the mares were all high quality. Nevertheless, Hanna-Amanda was a cut above her competition yesterday.
14 August 2015 | 18:53

Impressive Gringo R (s.Catoki) Wins Isah Cup for Four-Year-Olds

With the most points, the talented Catoki son Gringo R convincingly captured the championship under catch-rider Zoï Snels.
14 August 2015 | 18:13

Harley VDL Son Davidson Uncontested to Isah Cup Win

With nothing but clear rounds, the talented Harley VDL son Davidson, ridden by James Billington, was undisputedly the best jumper in the Isah Cup for seven-year-olds.
13 August 2015 | 19:21

Pavo Cup: Guadeloupe-Beau Four-Year-Old Champion

The mares reigned supreme in the Pavo Cup for four-year-olds. With head and shoulders above the rest of the field, Guadeloupe – Beau scored a total of 177 points under Kim van der Velden.
13 August 2015 | 19:03

Explosion Captures Champion Title in Isah Cup

The Applaus son Explosion has claimed the Isah Cup for six-year-olds under Simon Schröder.
13 August 2015 | 16:28

Florian P Convincing Five-Year-Old Champion

Under Albert Zoer, the Zirocco Blue VDL son Florian P powerfully jumped to the first Champion title of the day: the Isah Cup for five-year-olds.
13 August 2015 | 08:52

Davidson (s.Harley VDL) in Best Position to the Final

The results are in for the second leg of the Isah Cup for seven-year-olds! Tomorrow, the top 27 horses return for the final, including the leader in the interim standings: Davidson (s.Harley VDL) with James Billington, as well as four KWPN-approved stallions.
13 August 2015 | 08:48

Wynton son Four Legends to Second Round Viewing

The Wynton son Four Legends KS finished in provisional fourth place today in the Pavo Cup, with 86 points.
13 August 2015 | 08:43

Elomas Blue SFN (s.Mr Blue) Best Six-Year-Old after Second Leg of Isah Cup

In the interim standings of the Isah Cup for six-year-olds, the powerhouse jumper Elomas Blue SFN (s.Mr.Blue) has claimed the lead under Wout-Jan van der Schans.
12 August 2015 | 19:00

2014 Reserve Champion Fenix Leads Pavo Cup for Five-Year-Olds

In the Pavo Cup semi-final for five-year-olds, Emmelie Scholtens rode the 2014 reserve champion Fenix to the top score of 91 points this morning!
12 August 2015 | 17:13

Feestje B holds the lead in Isah Cup for five-year-olds

After the first two legs of the Isah Cup for five-year-olds, the Eldorado van de Zeshoek son Feestje B holds the lead under Björn Egberink.
12 August 2015 | 08:16

Bordeaux Daughter Guadeloupe-Beau Leads Pavo Cup for Four-Year-Olds

Currently, the Bordeaux daughter Guadeloupe-Beau (ds. Vivaldi) has a strong lead in the interim standings.
11 August 2015 | 17:03

Geneve EB (s.Sandro Boy) Leads in Four-Year-Old Division

The semi-final of the Isah Cup for four-year-olds has yielded a good group of horses for the final. Today.
11 August 2015 | 16:05

Isah Cup: 15 Seven-Year-Olds Keep a Clean Slate

The first leg of the Isah Cup for seven-year-olds saw a good start yesterday for 15 horses which avoided faults and, as a result, tied for first place.
11 August 2015 | 08:51

KWPN Stallion Watermill Famous Wins Championship for Five-Year-Old Eventers

It was a suspenseful competition through to the end. Although the approved stallion Watermill Famous with Alice Naber and the Lucky Boy offspring Lacoste with Tim Lips were tied for first place in the dressage phase, the cross-country points ultimately decided the winner.
11 August 2015 | 08:46

Isah Cup: 97 Horses Clear in First Leg

The KWPN Championships for jumpers kicked off yesterday with the first leg of the Isah Cup for five-year-olds. Of the horses entered, 97 kept a clean slate and, as a result, advanced with just one point to the second leg, which takes place on Wednesday.
22 July 2015 | 08:29

2015 KWPN Championships: New format for sport- and breed classes

With its new format, the event boasts an optimum venue for competitors and an enjoyable program for spectators. Mark it on your calendar: August 10 – 15 at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo!
28 May 2015 | 14:17

KWPN Horse Days Renamed "KWPN Championships"

Competitors in this year's KWPN Horse Days event can look forward to enhanced amenities to optimize their sport experience.
21 August 2009

Zyrona, Brenda, and Elvirma Gelder Horse Champions

Elonis T Best Harness Horse Foal.
21 August 2009

TC Athene Wins Pavo Cup in Four-Year-Old Division

KWPN Stallion Zhivago Takes Pavo Cup in Five-Year-Old Division
21 August 2009

Foal Champion Elvirma a True Ballerina

Elvirma Dances to Equimax Foal Cup
21 August 2009

Brooklyn the Best!

Lovely, Light-Footed United Daughter Wins Champion
20 August 2009

Windbreaker Whisks Away VION Cup for Six-Year-Olds

Whistler and Maikel van Mierlo Finish Second.
20 August 2009

KWPN Stallion Verdi Wins VION Cup for Seven-Year-Olds

Verona and Willem Greve Best in Final Competition.
20 August 2009

National Mare Selection: Champion Bola Boasts Powerful Trot

Great Final With Nine Three-Year-Old Jumper Mares.
24 August 2007

Best KWPN-mares competed in Ermelo

Zhara-Obertje (s.Jazz), Zendence VDL (s.Chin Chin), Whistly (s.Oscar), Willemijn (s.Numero Uno), Zavati (s.Elegant) and Vorstin-Mirna (s.Parcival) on top.
24 August 2007

Whistly best of dressage keur- and elite-mares

Willemijn champion of jumping mares.
24 August 2007

Zavanti champion of Gelder mares

Elegant-daughter best of three-year-old Gelder mares.
24 August 2007

Ciana's Frédérique wins Equimax Foal Cup

Best foal selected by Breeders of the Year.
24 August 2007

Vivaldi wins Pavo Cup five-year-olds

Westpoint four-year-old champion.
18 August 2006

Pavo Cup for KWPN-stallion Santano and Ucelli T

KWPN-stallion Santano (Sandro Hit x Silvano) and ‘new arrival’ Ucelli T (Olivi x Gribaldi) won the Pavo Cup competitions for four- and five-year-olds at the KWPN Horsedays.
18 August 2006

Wilma, Unique Motafko’s and Bon Vivant Champions Gelder Type

The Champions of the Gelder type division are chosen.
18 August 2006

Sarina and Vamina VDL best older mares

Two champions ster/keur/elite mares.
18 August 2006

Winadja (v.Roven xx) and Wiona-Utopia champions

Beautiful climax of KWPN Horsedays.
15 August 2006

Vivaldo leads Pavo Cup five year olds

Judges: "Anything can happen."
27 August 2005

KPD: The Rose now keuring champion

After a fierce battle Reina (Monaco x Ariana ster prest by Sultan) can call herself dutch Champion keur- and elitemares.
27 August 2005

KPD: Gelder horse keur/elite mares

Unique Motafko’s champion.
27 August 2005

KPD: National Championship free jumping

Ovidius daughter Viola impressive champion.
27 August 2005

KPD: three year-old Gelder ster mares

Parcival makes his mark.
24 August 2005

KPD: Uptown up front

The last one is the best. That was the case in the first round of the PAVO Cup for four year olds.
24 August 2005

KPD: Red Rose far ahead

Kevin Olsmeijer rode the Calvados-daughter in a minimum of meters to a faultless and fast result.
24 August 2005

KPD: Hester Klompmaker leads with two horses

With Ultrafox and Upsy Daisy the Friesian rider is ahead in the championship for four year-olds.
24 August 2005

KPD: Sarantos wins, Sonja van den Hoogeweg is leading

Gert Jan Bruggink won on Sarantos with a superfast round the second competition of the six year-olds.
24 August 2005

KPD: Highest score for Decor Dreamcatcher

Also in five year-old division of the PAVO Cup highest score for a stallion.
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