28 May 2022 | 13:46

Gelder stallion Odin (s.Edmundo) added to KWPN stallion base

The palomino-coloured Odin (s.Edmundo) was the only Gelder stallion to partake in the performance test and he convinced the committee with his performance in dressage, jumping and on terrain.
28 May 2022 | 13:33

Twelve jumper stallions registered in studbook

The spring performance test has yielded twelve new jumper stallions. Obtaining 84,5 points, it was Oslo (s.Côte de Zélande Delta Mossel Z) that proved to be the top scorer.
26 May 2022 | 17:34

Four dressage stallions to final presentation

The last official evaluation of the dressage stallions has also taken place and now the chairman of the stallion selection committee Bert Rutten eagerly looks forward to coming Saturday.
24 May 2022 | 14:56

Twelve jumper stallions to final presentation

Coming Saturday, twelve jumper stallions are up for the final presentation of the spring performance test. In the last week, one more stallion has left the KWPN centre.
18 May 2022 | 15:45

O’Bailey van het Brouwershof recognized

The stallion selection committee jumping nominated the jumper stallion O’Bailey van het Brouwershof for recognition. The General Board has formalized this recommendation.
12 May 2022 | 11:12

Second official assessment of dressage stallions

Yesterday, the second official evaluation of the three-year-old dressage stallions was scheduled as well as the assessment of the four-year-old stallion. Three stallions left Ermelo.
10 May 2022 | 20:30

Five jumper stallions enter 21-day-test

In addition to the second official assessment of the three-year-old jumper stallions, today’s schedule included the arrival of the four-year-and-older stallions in Ermelo.
9 May 2022 | 16:25

Astrix-son Nasdaq starts 21-day-test

Today, the Astrix-sonNasdaq moved into a stable at the KWPN centre in Ermelo for his 21-day performance test.
4 May 2022 | 11:42

Four stallions leave performance test

Yesterday it was time for the first evaluation by the stallion selection committee in Ermelo. Three stallions were referred to the next performance test, for one stallion the performance test was terminated.
25 April 2022 | 21:36

22 three-year-old stallions have started their performance test

Today, nine dressage stallions, eleven three-year-old jumper stallions and both Gelder stallions have started their 35-day-test in Ermelo. They were presented by their own rider today and found trainable by the committee.
14 March 2022 | 15:48

KWPN recognises five jumper stallions and one dressage stallion

The stallion selection committee jumping has nominated AS Bombay, Ermitage Kalone, Feromas van Beek Z, Luigi d’Eclipse and Milton Z for recognition. The stallion selection committee dressage nominated Johnny Depp. The General Board has formalised these nominations.
24 February 2022 | 14:34 Region Gelders paard

Gelder stallion Matiz passes performance test

The Gelder stallion Matiz (s.Eebert) has passed his performance test after a successful saddle presentation at the outdoor site in Ermelo.
17 February 2022 | 16:56

Overview foreign stallions

The KWPN is an open studbook and stimulates breeders to use the best genetic material. Stallions that are in the top 10 of the WBFSH Sire Ranking are also awarded the KWPN-recognized status. As of this year, the stallions specified below have made the list of accepted stallions.
16 February 2022 | 13:57

One jumper stallion appointed via attestation inspection

Two jumper stallions and one dressage stallion were presented in the attestation inspection in Ermelo this morning. The Chacco Blue-son Teyssier vd Heffinck received the green light for the performance test.
5 February 2022 | 17:15

Recap harness stallions: Van Beest and Tel satisfied

At the end of this stallion selection, inspector Viggon van Beest and chairman of the stallion selection harness horse Lammert Tel indicated to be proud of the appointed stallion and especially of the premium stallions.
5 February 2022 | 16:09

Four superb dressage talents granted premium

Wow, what a fantastic premium round in which we got to enjoy four fantastic movers. Four stallions by the sires All At Once (2), Vivaldi and Escamillo were honoured for their performances. Three of them are bred by Stal 104, who clearly dominated the dressage side of this KWPN Stallion Selection.
5 February 2022 | 15:53

Three harness stallions awarded premium

Out of the five stallions that were appointed to the performance test, three were awarded a premium by the jury. The breeders of those stallions were handed a breeder premium of 1000 euro presented by the Friends of the KWPN.
5 February 2022 | 15:06

Five harness stallions appointed

In the first-round viewing at the beginning of January, eleven harness stallions advanced to the second-round. Ten were present in Ermelo today. Four three-year-olds and one five-year-old got invited to the presentation, which means they are appointed to the performance test.
5 February 2022 | 12:10

Second day brings total to 39 appointed dressage stallions

Yesterday yielded 23 stallions and on Saturday morning 16 more dressage stallions are invited to the performance test. Among this group were three sons of Kingston Blue Hors.
4 February 2022 | 22:46

Marvelous dressage day at KWPN Stallion Selection

The award ceremony of Hermès as Dressage Horse of the Year was a wonderful end to the third day of the KWPN Stallion Show. It was a day full of highlights, let’s recap them briefly.
4 February 2022 | 20:08

Recap of first dressage day with Bert Rutten

In the studio, chairman of the stallion selection committee dressage Bert Rutten and senior inspector Floor Dröge just evaluated the first dressage day of the stallion selection.
4 February 2022 | 19:50 Region Gelders paard

Gelder stallion Olaf awarded premium round

Out of six Gelder stallions that were appointed to the performance test, one received an invite for the premium round: Olaf.
4 February 2022 | 19:39 Region Gelders paard

Lovely presentation Gelder stallions

The six Gelder stallions that were appointed to the performance test were presented for the jury once more. A beautiful collection entered the arena.
4 February 2022 | 18:48

Three dressage stallions invited to premium round

The 23 appointed dressage stallions appointed to the performance test were just presented in hand for one more time. The stallion selection committee decided to invite three to the premium round.
4 February 2022 | 17:16 Region Gelders paard

Six Gelder stallions appointed to performance test

During the KWPN Stallion Selection the Gelder stallions were divided over two groups. No less than six stallions advanced to the presentation.
4 February 2022 | 16:55

Strong start with 23 appointed stallions

The stallion selection committee was presented with a wide range of talented stallions on the first day. 23 of them were invited to the performance test.
3 February 2022 | 23:50

Successful second day of KWPN Stallion Selection

It was a long, but enjoyable second day at the KWPN Stallion Selection in Ermelo. In over thirteen hours that included jumper stallions in the second-round viewing, various sports classes, interviews, and award ceremonies it was day full of highlights.
3 February 2022 | 21:00

Five newly declared predicate stallions

At the KWPN Stallion Selection, five predicate stallions were honoured tonight. Four stallions received the keur predicate, Baltic VDL was declared preferent.
3 February 2022 | 18:30

Recap with satisfied Cor Loeffen and Henk Dirksen

In the studio Cor Loeffen and Henk Dirksen just took the time to reflect on the successful second-round viewing, in which 50 stallions were invited to the performance test.
3 February 2022 | 15:23

Five jumper stallions receive premium

Five quality stallions were invited to the presentation of the premium jumper stallions powered by Pavo.
3 February 2022 | 13:24

Total of 50 jumper stallions appointed

Out of five groups on the second day of the KWPN Stallion Selection, the Stallion Selection Committee appointed no less than 22 stallions, bringing the total to 50 jumper stallions.
2 February 2022 | 21:40

Cor Loeffen and Henk Dirksen recap first day

Together with chairman Cor Loeffen and senior inspector Henk Dirksen host Chris de Heer just looked back on the first day of the KWPN Stallion Show, that yielded 28 jumper stallions.
2 February 2022 | 21:38

Cape Coral RBF-son invited to premium round

All 28 jumper stallions just made one more appearance. The Cape Coral RBF-son Osaka JDV was the only one that got invited to return tomorrow as premium stallion.
2 February 2022 | 18:19

28 jumper stallions appointed for presentation

The stallion selection committee was off to a good start today and selected 28 stallions for the presentation of appointed stallions, among them quite a few genetic gems.
28 January 2022 | 16:37

Thrilling finals of Stallion Competitions draw near

The finals take place during the KWPN Stallion Selection The jumping finals take place on Thursday night, while the Saturday afternoon is all about dressage. It offers a unique opportunity to see young KWPN stallions compete against their peers.
27 January 2022 | 16:26

Friends of the KWPN award breeder premiums during KWPN Stallion Selection

As a token of appreciation and stimulus for breeding, ‘Friends of the KWPN’ will again award breeder premiums to various successful breeders at the KWPN Stallion Selection. Both the breeders of the premium stallions in the breeding directions dressage, jumping, Gelder horse, and Harness horse, and the breeders of the winning horses of the Blom Stallion Competition Jumping and the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage will receive a cheque.
27 January 2022 | 00:01

Trivia Thursday: Stallions of the second-round viewing

In less than a week it is time for the event of the year: the KWPN Stallion Selection! Four days long, the KWPN centre forms the stage of breeding, sport and shows. All days revolve around the stallion selection; 184 stallions will make their appearance in the second-round viewing. Which sires are the main suppliers of these young stallions?
26 January 2022 | 10:47

KWPN Stallion Selection 2022 without spectators and broadcasted online via and ClipMyHorse

The KWPN Stallion Show shall be organised with no spectators. The entire program can be followed online via and via ClipMyHorse.
25 January 2022 | 18:21

Group divisions of KWPN Stallion Selection published

Mark next week’s Wednesday, the second of February in your agenda! It is the start of the KWPN Stallion Selection, that revolves entirely around stallions for four days. The most important part of the program is the second-round viewing and the group divisions have now been published.
18 January 2022 | 17:09

Nine promising dressage stallions approved

Following the jumper stallions, it was time for the final exam of the dressage stallions. The 21-day-test yielded an interesting group of nine approved stallions, among them two sons of Painted Black.
18 January 2022 | 14:17

16 jumper stallions accepted for KWPN breeding

All 16 participating jumper stallions were just awarded the KWPN breeding license in Ermelo. Apardi-offspring Napardi was the top scorer with 84,5 points.
15 January 2022 | 17:43

Last interim assessment dressage and jumper stallions wrapped-up

On Friday, the last interim evaluation took place for the dressage and jumper stallions. The stallion selection committee has shared its findings with the owners of the stallions. In consultation with the owners, a few stallions left the performance test.
13 January 2022 | 09:09

Gelder stallion McKenzy JHL definitively approved

The Gelder stallion McKenzy JHL (s.Alexandro P) has been definitively approved for the full stud license. Today, the last exam in harness took place at the outdoor arena in Ermelo.
12 January 2022 | 10:03

Interim evaluation jumper stallions

The jumper stallions were evaluated by the stallion selection committee yesterday. In consultation with the owners, the performance test was terminated for two stallions, and one is referred to the spring performance test.
8 January 2022 | 23:20

11 harness stallions to second-round viewing

Ten three-year-old harness stallions and one five-year-old advance to the second-round viewing in Ermelo on February 5.
8 January 2022 | 18:57

Young stallions show they are also ready to rumble

Last year’s approved stallions had their separate section on the program in Ermelo today. It was incredible to see how spontaneous, free and happy they throw in their charms into harness and how they turned their performance in a great show.
8 January 2022 | 18:48

Older harness stallions steal the show

In the program of the first-round viewing of the harness stallions there was also time for the already approved stallions. The older stallions kicked the afternoon off. Each and every one of them put on a show; if spectators had been allowed, the crowd had surely gone wild! Fortunately, the livestream was open to viewers from all over the world, ensuring some great promotion of the harness horse.
6 January 2022 | 12:12

Forerunners Blom Stallion Competition Jumping

Tuesday night, the third leg of the Blom Stallion Competition Jumping took place in Exloo. After three competitions, the intermediate rankings were drawn up. It is up to the leaders to defend their position during the final at the KWPN Stallion Show on Thursday February 3rd. Which stallions have performed the best over three shows?
6 January 2022 | 11:51

Intermediate ranking Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion competition published

Tuesday, the third competition of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage took place in Exloo. After three legs, we drafted an intermediate ranking. Which stallion have performed the best in three shows?
3 January 2022 | 22:13

Good first assessment dressage horses

Today, the three-year-old dressage horses were evaluated by the selection committee for the first time. One stallion left the KWPN Center.
3 January 2022 | 13:16

Watch the videos of the delivery on

On Tuesday December 28, the stallions were delivered for the performance test. 25 spring and 14 dressage stallions have moved into a stable at the KWPN center in Ermelo. All videos can now be viewed by members per stallion on
28 December 2021 | 21:32

25 jumper and 14 dressage stallions arrived for performance test

Today, the delivery of the stallions for the autumn performance test took place and 39 jumper and dressage stallions moved into their stable at the KWPN center in Ermelo.
22 December 2021 | 18:03

Program first round viewing harness horse published

Saturday January 8 the first round viewing for harness stallions is organised at the KWPN center in Ermelo. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed, you can follow the entire program free of charge via the livestream at and!
22 December 2021 | 11:01

Start list delivery performance test

The delivery of the stallions for the autumn performance test will take place in Ermelo on Tuesday December 28th. 23 jumper stallions and 20 dressage stallions are expected for the saddle presentation. In addition, one Gelder stallion will be expected.
15 December 2021 | 18:54

A total of 84 dressage stallions advance to the next round

The five stallions that were selected via today’s after test bring the total number of dressage stallions for the second-round viewing to 84.
15 December 2021 | 15:35

Eight jumper stallions added via after inspection

This morning the after inspection for the jumper stallions took place in Ermelo and eight stallions were invited to the second-round viewing, which brings the total to 87 jumper stallions.
10 December 2021 | 23:59

18 dressage stallions selected on last regular day

With only the after inspection to go, the number of dressage stallions that is invited to the second-round viewing now stands at 79. Today, no less than seven sons of Just Wimphof advanced to the next round.
9 December 2021 | 20:00

GLOCK’s Toto Jr. heads the list with 8 selected sons

Today’s first-round viewing marked the day of GLOCK’s Toto Jr., that left quite an impression in both quantity and quality of his offspring. Out of the 12 selected stallions, 8 are sired by this Totilas-son.
8 December 2021 | 22:14

Four sons of For Ferrero advance to second round

On the third day of the first-round viewing dressage, 18 stallions got the green light, including four sons of For Ferrero and three of All At Once and For Romance.
7 December 2021 | 21:59

14 dressage stallions selected on second day

After two days of first-round viewing dressage, the number of selected stallions has climbed up to 31. Today, four sons of Escamillo were invited to the next round.
6 December 2021 | 20:53

First day produces 17 dressage stallions

After four days of jumper stallions, it is now the turn of the dressage stallions in the first-round viewing. Today’s result of 17 stallions for the next round is a nice beginning.
4 December 2021 | 21:34

Eleven Gelder stallions invited to the second-round viewing

Following the jumper stallions, seventeen Gelder stallions made an appearance in the ring this afternoon for their first-round viewing. Two stallions were absent and ultimately eleven stallions received an invite to the second-round viewing.
4 December 2021 | 21:33

Provisional total to 79 jumper stallions

The fourth day of the first-round viewing for jumper stallions revolved around the offspring of young(er) stallions and 15 horses got selected for the next round, including two out of the first crop of Kannan Jr.
3 December 2021 | 21:18

Third day yields 19 selected jumper stallions

After three days of the first-round viewing, the preliminary total is up to 64 stallions that advance to the next round. Top progenitor Emerald van ‘t Ruytershof saw four of his sons progress to the next phase today.
3 December 2021 | 09:05

21 stallions to the second-round viewing

Another solid score in the first-round viewing as today 21 jumper stallions received a green light from the stallion selection committee, among them sons of Chacco-Blue, Carrera VDL and Highway M TN.
2 December 2021 | 12:32

Strong start with 24 selected stallions

On the first day of the first-round viewing, the stallion selection committee had a strong start as it selected 14 jumper stallions for the next round. Among them three sons of Nixon van ‘t Meulenhof.
1 December 2021 | 10:00

Videos saddle presentation available via

The appointed dressage and jumping stallions were presented under saddle at the saddle presentation on Monday.
28 November 2021 | 13:28

Preparations KWPN Stallion Show 2022 in full swing

At the moment, a lot of work is being put into the organisation of the KWPN Stallion Show 2022. As is tradition, the event takes place in the first weekend of February, from Wednesday the 2nd until Saturday the 5th. The location is subject to the then-applicable measures imposed by the government regarding the fight against the coronavirus.
30 October 2021 | 21:51

Three harness stallions added to KWPN stallion stock

This morning, three harness stallions were up for their exam in Ermelo after a performance test of three weeks. All three stallions passed and were registered in the studbook. Neon GSM was crowned champion of this fall performance test. He comes out of the first crop of the KWPN-recognized Hackney stallion Bocellies Matteo.
28 October 2021 | 13:53

Saturday final presentation harness stallions and IBOP harness horses

Coming Saturday October 30, the performance test for the harness stallions will come to an end. The IBOP for harness mares is scheduled directly after. The final presentation can be followed via the livestream at and of course you are welcome to come watch it in person at the KWPN Centre in Ermelo.
4 October 2021 | 15:42

KWPN-approved stallion Namelus R passed away

The KWPN-approved stallion Namelus R has died. The stallion, bred by Stal Roelofs, spent his last days at Stal Brouwer in Gieten, which brought him back last year after his period in France. Namelus R died at the age of 26 years.
17 September 2021 | 15:48

Wouter Plaizier and Eric van der Vleuten new in Stallion Selection Committee

The KWPN had two vacancies in the stallion selection committees following the resignation of the committee members Marian Dorresteijn (dressage) and Henk van de Broek (jumping), who where both not eligible for re-election. The KWPN is pleased that they have found two worthy successors in Wouter Plaizier and Eric van der Vleuten.
16 June 2021 | 09:07

Gelder stallion Abrilon receives KWPN recognition

The Gelder horse stallion selection committee has nominated the black 16-year-old Gelder stallion Abrilon for KWPN recognition. Abrilon is a son of black Monarch son Ahoy. He was bred by F.J.M. Beursken from Didam, who is still the owner and stands him stud. The stallion has competed on Z-dressage level.
16 June 2021 | 09:04

Keur stallion OO Seven passed away at the age of 25

Australian rider David Shoobridge has announced that the KWPN-approved stallion OO Seven, with which he performed at Grand Prix level, has passed away at the age of 25.
8 June 2021 | 11:49

Top 10 WBFSH Sire Ranking directly KWPN- recognized

The KWPN is an open studbook and encourages breeders to use the best genetic material, for example by automatically granting the top 10 stallions of the WBFSH Sire Ranking the KWPN recognized status, so their offspring can be registered in the foal book directly.
15 May 2021 | 15:11

Two Gelder stallions approved

After an Stallion Performance test of 28 days, two Gelder stallions could be added to the stallion database today. The stallion Matiz (by Eebert) did his performance test in harness while the owners of the stallion McKenzy JHL (by Alexandro P) opted for a performance test under saddle. McKenzy JHL even got nines for his canter and attitude.
15 May 2021 | 15:08

Ten dressage stallions added to the KWPN stallion stock

All ten dressage stallions participating in the final presentation of the Stallion Performance Test have been approved. The highest scores were achieved by the two four-year-old stallions Merlot VDL and Mauro Turfhorst.
15 May 2021 | 15:05

All eleven jumping stallions are approved

All eleven stallions participating in the final presentation of the Stallion Performance Test were approved by the KWPN. New Pleasure VDL achieved the highest score with 87.5 points.
6 May 2021 | 10:15

Evaluation dressage stallions

On Wednesday, the evaluation of the three- and four-year-old dressage stallions took place. The stallion selection committee has shared their findings with the owners of the four-year-old stallions. After the evaluation, there was also contact with some owners of three-year-old stallions. Based on the feedback of the conversations, some stallions have left the exam.
29 April 2021 | 16:30

Evaluation of dressage stallions went well

Yesterday, the three-year-old dressage stallions were evaluated by the stallion selection committee. Three stallions left the KWPN Centre.
29 April 2021 | 11:11 Region Gelders paard

Evaluation Gelder stallions in the outdoor area

Yesterday the evaluation of the three Gelder stallions Newman, McKenzy JHL and Matiz took place. All three stallions can continue their performance test.
28 April 2021 | 18:15

13 dressage stallions started the performance test

Monday, twelve four-year-old stallions started their performance test at the KWPN Centre in Ermelo. Debbehoeve's Linvasion (s.Sir Donnerhall) is a five-year-old stallion who is participating in the performance test voluntarily.
22 April 2021 | 19:00

Dressage stallions off to a good start in the performance test

Like the jumper stallions, the dressage stallions have now also had their first official evaluation in the performance test. It appears to be a promising start for the 14 participating stallions.
22 April 2021 | 15:33 Region Gelders paard

The first outdoor training of the Gelder stallions

Three Gelder stallions are staying at the KWPN Centre for the performance test. An important part of this is that the stallions, because of their versatile breeding purpose, are ridden outside to test their character and their mentality.
21 April 2021 | 18:00

Evaluation of jumper stallions went well yesterday

Eight days after the start of the performance test for the jumper stallions, the 12 participating stallions were officially evaluated by the stallion selection committee for the first time.
15 April 2021 | 10:00

12 jumper and 14 dressage stallions started performance test

Last Monday, the selection for the spring performance test took place. With this, 26 jumper and dressage stallions started their performance test at the KWPN Centre in Ermelo.
13 April 2021 | 10:00

Gelder stallion Newman started the performance test

The delivery and saddle presentation of the stallions for participation in the performance test took place two days ago in Ermelo. The morning session started with the only Gelder stallion for the 35-day spring performance test.
24 March 2021 | 17:00

Easy Game, Cristello and Check In recognized

It has just been announced that the stallion selection committee has recommended three stallions for recognition by the General Board, a recommendation which has been accepted. These are the small tour dressage stallion Easy Game and the two grand prix jumping stallions Cristello and Check In.
18 March 2021 | 16:56

Harness stallion inspection on Saturday 8 May

On Saturday, April 3, the harness stallion inspection at the KWPN Centre was scheduled, which, due to the coronavirus, could only be followed online. However, given the developments around the rhinovirus, as a precaution it has been decided to postpone this. The Tuigpaard stallion inspection will now take place on Saturday, May 8.
23 February 2021 | 10:41

Spielberg recognized

The stallion selection committee dressage has nominated the dressage stallion Spielberg for recognition. The General Board has now formalised this nomination.
6 February 2021 | 08:33

44 dressage stallions appointed, 5 of which declared premium

The second-round viewing for dressage stallions has come to an end. After granting an invitation to the performance test to 31 dressage stallions yesterday, the stallion committee appointed 13 more stallions today. This brings the total to 44. Five stallions could come back to the concluding premium presentation.
4 February 2021 | 20:31

Strong result of 31 appointed dressage stallions on first day

The stallion committee dressage started the second-round viewing expeditiously. The 48 presented stallions were of such quality that 31 of them were appointed.
4 February 2021 | 18:01

KWPN recognizes five jumper stallions

The stallion committee jumping recently assembled and decided to nominate five interesting stallions for KWPN recognition. This has now been formalized by the General Board. It concerns five stallions that have proved themselves in sports, two of which even participated in the European Championships.
28 January 2021 | 19:30

World Championship stallions make their appearance during the online KWPN Stallion Inspection

Last year was a special year because of all the canceled events. This is also the case for the KWPN Stallion Inspection, which is taking place online this year. Four eight-year-old stallions, who were selected for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses last December, will perform in their own pre-recorded show number.
27 January 2021 | 15:58

Starting lists published of performance test dressage stallions

You won’t miss out the Saturday of the Online KWPN Stallion Inspection 2021! The afternoon program of this day is filled with the performance test for dressage stallions, a unique opportunity to see the young stallions in action. The performance tests are broadcast live and the starting lists are known.
27 January 2021 | 09:16

Jumping stallions from K and L years present themselves in the performance test during the KWPN Inspection

As a replacement for the stallion competition, the jumping stallions born in 2015 and 2016 will be presented during the online KWPN Stallion Inspection in a performance test powered by Blom.
26 January 2021 | 14:40

Grand Prix stallion Apache is declared preferent

After Apache was declared keur two years ago, he is posthumously declared preferent at the KWPN Stallion Inspection this year. The striking UB40 son himself was at the top of the international Grand Prix under Emmelie Scholtens, his oldest children also breaking through at this level. During the KWPN Stallion Inspection, a pre-recorded item will be broadcast on February 5th featuring Emmelie Scholtens and Ad Valk. The complete KWPN Stallion Show 2021 can be followed online for free at
26 January 2021 | 14:22

Seven-year-old dressage stallions demonstrate their talent in online show

Some of the presented seven-year-old dressage stallions would actually make their appearance at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses last year. Due to corona almost no event took place, including the cancelation of the World Championships in Verden. Nevertheless, the dressage lovers can see the stallions from the J-year after a long time. In a pre-recorded show block, eight stallions come into action.
26 January 2021 | 13:14

Dressage clinic with Alex van Silfhout at the KWPN Stallion Inspection

In one of the announced clinics at the online KWPN Stallion Inspection, national coach Alex van Silfhout helps young talent Febe van Zwambagt with common riding problems. This clinic is powered by Onori.
25 January 2021 | 16:38

Small Tour stallions show their talent in The Road to Grand Prix

The dressage evening of the KWPN Stallion Inspection has a different form this year. Due to the corona measures, many parts have been pre-recorded. This also applies to the KWPN stallions who are competing at Small Tour level and are preparing for the highest level.
25 January 2021 | 11:04

Breeders premium again at KWPN Stallion Inspection

As a token of appreciation and incentive for breeding, the "Friends of the KWPN" will again be awarding breeder premiums to various successful breeders during the KWPN Stallion Inspection. The breeders of the premium stallions, dressage, jumping and Gelder horse, as well as the breeders of horses who have finished in the WBFSH rankings in the top 3, may at a later time, receive the check.
21 January 2021 | 17:27

The Online KWPN Stallion Inspection will kick off on the 2nd of February

For five days in a row, you can enjoy the best that KWPN breeding has to offer as an equestrian and breeding enthusiast. The attractive program of the Online KWPN Stallion Show 2021 is now known!
15 January 2021 | 10:16

Lunging dressage stallions provides relevant additional information

Lunging in Ermelo was on the program last Tuesday for the dressage stallions selected for the second round viewing. The performances, that were broadcasted live, went well.
13 January 2021 | 14:09

Follow the Online KWPN Stallion Inspection!

To offer all KWPN stallions a national and international stage, the recent months we have worked hard to give shape to the online variant of the KWPN Stallion Inspection: everything can be followed live via our website. Although we have to miss the atmosphere of Den Bosch and the spectacle of the physical event this year, the online program offers a wonderful alternative for all equestrian and breeding enthusiasts.
1 December 2020 | 12:13

Jumping breeding is expanded by seventeen stallions

​After the Gelders' stallions, the jumping stallions started their performance test this morning in Ermelo. Seventeen stallions took the exam and all passed. With 88 points, the Comme il Faut son, Mans, scored the highest, followed by Mees vd Watermolen (s.Vannan) with 87 points, and Mister Hornet DDH (s.Cornet Obolensky) with 86 points.
12 November 2020 | 17:19

Group division of the first viewings and its main suppliers are known!

It is almost time for the first viewings, here, at the KWPN centum in Ermelo. The first viewings will start at the end of this month, from the 26th of November until the 10th of December. Starting with the dressage stallions, continued with the Gelder stallions, and jumping stallions. The after inspection for the jumping stallions will be on the 10th of December and for the dressage stallions on the 17th of December.
2 November 2020 | 12:29

13 stallions approved during autumn performance testing of the dressage and harness horse stallions

​Last Friday and Saturday the final presentations of the dressage and harness horse stallions took place. To still give access to these two days, a Livestream was available via, which will be soon available in For the harness horse stallions, the stallion Macho managed to break the record and for the dressage stallions, the Bon Coeur-son Bloomberg managed to get the highest score of 88.5 points.
12 May 2020 | 11:30

Stallions licensed by General Board

Since the start of the coronavirus in, the KWPN was forced to postpone the performance test for riding- and Gelder stallions until further notice. For this reason, the General Board decided in March to allow registered stallions designated in 2020 from all breeding directions to apply for a breeding license for the breeding season 2020 (valid until 1 October 2020).
11 May 2020 | 10:32

Stallion Hardrock Z acknowledged for KWPN

The stallion selection committiee for jumping has presented Grand Prix-jumping stallion Hardrock Z for acknowledgement with the KWPN board, and they have formalized this proposal in the meantime.
30 April 2020 | 19:08

Who bred the most approved stallions?

Last week, we looked into which breeder bred the most Grand Prix-horses. This week, the breeders of approved stallions are in turn!
19 March 2020 | 21:40

Board decision: Breeding license for stallions selected in 2020

Due to the measurements taken regarding the coronavirus in the Netherlands, the spring performance test for the Gelder- and riding horse stallions has been postponed until further notice. It is unclear which measurements the government will take in the coming weeks. These circumstances make that it is unsure whether the spring performance test can take place at all.
10 March 2020 | 22:00

Three harness horse stallions started the performance test

Last week the harness horse stallions came to the KWPN-center, unfortunately none of the stallions were able to immediately stay at the center due to veterinary reasons. This Monday three of these stallions started their performance test, after agreement of the vet.
10 March 2020 | 20:45

Damsey and Halifax van het Kluizebos recognized for the KWPN

The stallion selection committee jumping and dressage have nominated the stallions Halifax van het Kluizebos and Damsey for approval at the KWPN. The General Board has now formalized this.
1 February 2020 | 18:25

45 dressage stallions selected for performance test

Yesterday 32 dressage stallions were selected for the performance test, today 13 more were added to this. There are six horses that will be presented as premium stallions.
1 February 2020 | 11:45

Nine KSS-dressage stallions selected for the performance test

The ambiance was good on Friday morning, a lot of stallions received applause with their performance. Also the stallions of the KWPN Select Sale were liked. Five of the stallions got an invitation for the performance test. This morning already four more KSS-stallions were selected.
31 January 2020 | 23:45

Varied group of Gelder stallions selected

Seven stallions appeared in front of the stallion selection committee Gelder horse this afternoon. The judge selected broad. Six stallions were selected for the performance test and two stallions were declared premium.
28 January 2020 | 17:45

Fantastic show program at KWPN Stallion Show

Tomorrow the KWPN Stallion Show 2020 starts! On Wednesday and Thursday the show jumping enthusiasts can indulge themselves and on Friday and Saturday the dressage, harness horse and Gelder stallions will captivate the audience.
24 January 2020 | 16:15

Guided Tour visit to Peter van de Sande

Traditionally the Sunday after the KWPN Stallion Show the Guided Tour for foreign visitors is organized by the KWPN. These visitors will go to a stable and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of a Dutch breeder. This year the Guided Tour will be a visit to Peter van de Sande!
10 December 2019 | 09:30

Order your tickets for the KWPN Stallion Show

Last week all KWPN members got priority in the ticket sale of the KWPN Stallion Show. On December 9 the ticket sale opened for everyone, including non-members. Don’t wait too long and order your tickets now with special pre-sale discount.
2 December 2019 | 11:00

Provisional program KWPN Stallion Show published, ticket sale open!

With the first round viewing in full flow it won’t be long until the KWPN Stallion Show is around the corner. From Wednesday the 29th of January until the 1st of February the Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch are all about KWPN stallions. A fantastic event in which not only the best stallions are presented to the audience, but also where you meet people with passion for the KWPN-horse. Tickets are available now!
28 November 2019 | 11:00

Four Gelder stallions referred to second round viewing

On Wednesday the 27th of November the first round viewing started with the Gelder stallions and the first part of the show jumping stallions. From the seven Gelder stallions in total, four were referred to the second round viewing which takes place during the KWPN Stallion Show.
22 November 2019 | 16:00

KWPN Online Stallion Auction is approaching

Less than a month to go until the second KWPN Online Stallion Auction. After the success of last year, this auction is on the calendar again. Are you looking for a young talent to start working with right away? Then keep an eye on the auction page.
18 November 2019 | 16:03

Jazz takes the lead in WBFSH-rankings, his son Johnson in second

The KWPN is in the lead in the WBFSH studbook rankings for dressage, but KWPN horses are also doing well in the stallion rankings. Jazz is back in first place in 2019, followed by his son Johnson. Verdi is 12th in the jumping stallion rankings and Kannan is 15th in the ranking for eventing.
2 October 2019 | 17:00

Registration first round viewing 2019/2020 opened

At the end of November it is time for the KWPN stallion selection 2019/2020. From the 27th of November till the 10th of December the first viewing will take place on the KWPN-center in Ermelo. The registering for this first viewing is now opened.
7 September 2019 | 13:06

Keur stallion Apache passes away suddenly

The keur stallion Apache has unexpectedly been euthanized. The UB40-son suffered from laminitis, forcing the team behind the successful sports and breeding stallion to make the difficult decision.
5 September 2019 | 17:59

Performance test for riding horse stallions shortened

Last spring, the performance test for three-year-old stallions was shortened from 70 to 50 days as a pilot. This was partly the result of the discussions held at the time with stallion owners and breeders about the setup of the performance test. Afterwards an extensive substantive evaluation took place with the Breeding Council for riding horses, the stallion inspection committees and various stallion owners.
25 July 2019 | 16:03
Trivia Thursday

Trivia Thursday: Which Jumping stallions have the most Grand Prix-offspring?

Every year, breeders make stallion choices with the ultimate goal of breeding a Grand Prix horse. But how many KWPN horses went all the way to Grand Prix level and which stallions have produced the most Grand Prix horses? Not only in factual numbers, but also in percentages. We had a look in the KWPN Database in search of these answers.
24 July 2019 | 17:01

Jumping stallions Czardas and Stakkatol recognized for KWPN breeding

The KWPN Stallion Selection Committee for Jumping has nominated the jumping stallions Czardas and Stakkatol for recognition. The General Board has now formalized this nomination.
24 July 2019 | 15:56
Trivia Thursday

Trivia Thursday: Which dressage stallions have the most Grand Prix offspring?

Every year, breeders make stallion choices with the ultimate goal of breeding a Grand Prix horse. But how many KWPN horses went all the way to Grand Prix level and which stallions have produced the most Grand Prix horses? Not only in factual numbers, but also in percentage. We had a look in the KWPN Database in search of these answers.
20 June 2019 | 11:19
Trivia Thursday

Trivia Thursday: the performance test in the past 10 years

A week and a half ago, eleven new jumping stallions and eight new dressage stallions were added to the KWPN approved stallion list. Young, promising stallions that hopefully will be used well by the breeders. We searched the KWPN Database for the figures behind the performance test over the past ten years.
4 June 2019 | 21:28

Eight dressage stallions added to stallion list

Following the show jumping stallions, all dressage stallions participating in the final presentation are also approved. The three-year-old Bordeaux son Livius received the highest score with 84.5 points.
4 June 2019 | 20:43

Spring performance test yields eleven jumping stallions

All eleven jumping stallions that participated in the final presentation are approved and registered in the studbook. With 88 points, Le Quirky JR, from the first crop of Grandorado TN, showed the most striking performance.
21 May 2019 | 12:13

Performance test terminated for three stallions

Last week was the assessment of the jumper stallions in the Stallion Performance Test. These stallions make progress and were easy to judge. A few days later, the assessment was also carried out by the stallion inspection committees for the Gelder and the dressage horses and it was decided to end the Performance Test for three stallions.
3 May 2019 | 12:40

Second Assessment of stallions in Performance test

This week the second inspection of the stallions in the performance test took place. In consultation with their owners, the performance test stopped for some stallions:
25 April 2019 | 13:47

Dressage Stallions Performance test assessed for the first time

After all the jumper stallions were judged by the Stallion Selection Committee for the first time on Monday, a day later the Stallion Selection Committee Dressage came into action.
25 April 2019 | 13:29

Good first impression of the jumper stallions and two new dressage stallions in Ermelo

The eighteen jumper stallions that started the spring performance test last week were assessed by the jumping stallion inspection committee for the first time this Monday. Two dressgae stallions showed their trainability and started their test a week later.
17 April 2019 | 14:32

Dressage and jumper stallions started the performance test

This week the stallion performance test has started. For the first time, this test will also be 50 days in the spring, just like in the fall-test. Eleven dressage stallions and eighteen jumper stallions have temporarily moved into the stables of KWPN.
1 April 2019 | 12:12
Trivia Thursday

Trivia Thursday: Main suppliers jumper foals

We had a look in the KWPN Database and found out which stallions were used the most last year. A few weeks ago, we announced that Dressage Stallion Just Wimphof is the absolute main supplier of the KWPN foals born in 2018. This week we wonder which stallions got the most jumper foals registered.
26 March 2019 | 13:32

Come to the stallion shows in Holland

The first foals are born and new stallion choices need to be made. This is the time of year that stallion owners show their stallions in shows all over the country. Are you planning to come to Holland and do you wish to see the stallions of your choice? Then come to one of the shows.
14 March 2019 | 12:24

New breeding values published

To come to a well-considered stallion choice, a breeder can collect as much information as possible from the stallions he has in mind. The breeding values contain a wealth of information and are a useful tool for making stallion choices. The breeding values of the KWPN stallions are updated every year and the information collected in 2018 has also been bundled in the new breeding values.
14 March 2019 | 10:31

KWPN approval for All At Once, Cum Laude and Crosby

Three older stallion received a ticket for the third inspection after the first round viewing in Ermelo in December. That were All At Once (Ampère out of Wynona RB keur sport-dres by Gribaldi, breeder Stal 104 BV from Wijdewormer), Cum Laude (Apache out of Pacharel T prest pref by Weltmeyer, breeder J.A.M. Schel from Linden) and Crosby (Chippendale out of Perrodelin elite sport-dres prok by Flemmingh, breeder TH. and J. Deenen from Heyen).
28 February 2019 | 23:00

Grand Prix-stallions Casallo Z and Qlassic Bois Margot recognized

The stallion selection committee jumping has nominated the Grand Prix-stallions Casallo Z and Qlassic Bois Margot for recognition. Meanwhile, the General Board has formalised this nomination.
2 February 2019 | 19:41

Le Formidable undisputed champion!

The prediction that the expressive Le Formidable (s.Bordeaux) would become the champion buzzed through the Brabanthallen since Friday. The crowd pleaser was just crowned as undisputed champion.
2 February 2019 | 17:16

Delviro-son Lanto V.D.B. champion Harness stallions

The championships battle of the Harness stallions was one between two quality stallions: Lanto V.D.B. (Delviro x Patijn) and Las Vegas (Eebert x Plain's Liberator). Tall, dark and handsome Lanto V.D.B. received the prestigious title.
2 February 2019 | 15:30

Legend crowned champion Gelder Stallions

Four Gelder stallions made their appearance in Den Bosch. Three of them were advanced to the final stage where all of them were appointed to the performance test. It was the Guardian S-son Legend who grabbed the title.
1 February 2019 | 17:44

First dressage day yields 33 appointed stallions

An enthusiastic crowd and good dressage stallions ensured a vibrant atmosphere and an impressive score of 33 stallions for the Performance Test. Four of them are invited for the championships round.
1 February 2019 | 16:06 Andreas Helgstrand about breeding, dealing and sports

Last year he bought almost half of the stallions out of the championships round, he has more than 300 horses under saddle and he has a nose for scouting young horses. Today at Andreas Helgstrand!
31 January 2019 | 17:30

Liverpool champion jumper stallions

The first champion has just been announced! The Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve son Liverpool convinced most of all 42 designated jumping stallions.
16 January 2019 | 12:00

GLOCK’s Johnson TN retires from competititon at the KWPN Stallion Show

Under the tittle ‘GLOCK’s Johnson TN bedankt!’ (Thank you GLOCK’s Johnson TN!), he will have the lead in an impressive show on Friday evening February 1st
12 December 2018 | 13:07

​Beautiful sport in second leg Blom Stallion Competition Jumping

Yesterday, the second leg of the Blom Stallion Competition for jumpers was held. Haynes GH and Ipsthar were able to convince. Eleven four-year-old KWPN stallions went double clear.
12 December 2018 | 10:28

Over a hundred dressage stallions selected

Last week the first round viewing for the dressage stallions took place at the KWPN center. In total, the jury could select 107 stallions to show themselves again in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
6 December 2018 | 09:58

First viewing yields 86 jumper stallions

The first round viewing of the jumper stallions has led to an interestingly bred, diverse group of stallions. For eight days, stallions could be selected for the second round viewing that takes place at the KWPN Stallion Show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
26 November 2018 | 17:38

Nine quality dressage stallions approved

Nine out of the eleven stallions that participated in the final presentation of the Fall Stallions Performance Test got their approval last Saturday. All of them received a score of 80 points or higher.
26 November 2018 | 16:32

Approval for eight jumper stallions

The final presentation of the fall Stallion Performance Test that took place last Saturday, has resulted in eight newly approved stallions. Four of them are from the E-year.
22 November 2018 | 22:57
Stallion Competition

Heineken VK VDL and Blom's Icarus win first round, 12 four-year-olds clear

In the first round of the Blom Stallion Competition, Jur Vrieling won the Z-Class with Heineken VK VDL (s.Zirocco Blue VDL). Thomas Mertens won with Biscayo-son Blom's Icarus the M Class. In the L Class, 12 four-year-olds stayed clear.
21 November 2018 | 11:30

Hermès, Imposantos en Jameson RS2 win first leg of KWPN Stallion Competition

The Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage kicked off Monday in Kronenberg. The level was high and the first 10 was given, which promises for the rest of the season!
16 November 2018 | 18:40

Three four-year-old dressage stallions approved with remarkable points

With a top score of 90 points, including a 10 for canter, the Pavo Cup Champion Jameson RS2 (by Blue Hors Zack) is approved for breeding. Jayson (by Johnson) and Jheronimus (by Dream Boy) also received approval with good marks.
14 November 2018 | 12:28

Cascadello Boy RM approved with 81 points

After successful completion of the 21-day performance test, the five-year old Cascadello Boy RM is approved with 81 points. He was accepted for performance testing at the Blom Cup last summer.
7 November 2018 | 11:27

Do you know? What jumper stallion has the most offspring in the sport?

KWPN horses appear in the competition arena at every level and in all disciplines. Last week the stallion Sir Sinclair turned out to have relatively the most offspring in dressage at Z1 level and above. That made us curious about the jumping sport. Which KWPN stallions have the most offspring in the sport?
1 November 2018 | 13:47

Do you know? Which dressage stallion has the most offspring in sport?

In all disciplines of equestrian sport and at all levels you will find KWPN horses in the competition arena. In the article about the Gelder stallion Parcival, which could be read in the Dutch KWPN magazine, it was clear that almost 18 percent of his offspring competes at Z1-level or higher. This made us curious how this compares to the dressage stallions. Which stallions have the most offspring at Z1 dressage level or higher?
19 October 2018 | 10:29

Entries First round viewing for stallions are open

You can now enter your young colts for the first round viewing of the stallion selection. The Gelder and riding horse stallions will be assessed from November 27th through December 8th.
11 October 2018 | 20:14

Ten jumper stallions delivered

After a saddle presentation under the regular rider and veterinary inspection, ten jumper stallions have taken residence in a stable at the KWPN center in Ermelo. Three stallions can be presented again next week.
11 October 2018 | 19:54

20 Dressage Stallions start Stallion Performance Test

16 three-year-old and four four and five-year-old dressage stallions have started the fall performance test last Monday. Among them the Champion Stallion of 2017, Jameson RS2, who participates in the 21-day test.
8 October 2018 | 11:57

Kigali deceased

​The KWPN stallion Kigali (by Wolfgang) has died of a heart attack. The Wolfgang son stayed his last years in France, where he took his last breath at the age of 26.
8 October 2018 | 11:30

Stallion performance test starts today

Today, Monday October 8th, the stallions will be delivered to the KWPN Center for the Fall Performance test. 12 accepted jumper stallions and 24 accepted dressage stallions are expected for the saddle presentation. Twee stallions come at voluntary basis.
11 September 2018 | 10:26

Bocellies Matteo maintained for breeding

On the 23rd of August, the offspring inspection for the Hackney-stallion Bocellies Matteo and the harness stallion Innovatief took place. As a result, the stallion committee advised to maintain Bocellies Matteo for breeding and inspect an additional collection of Innovatief next year.
30 May 2018 | 15:37

Twelve jumper stallions approved for breeding

Last Saturday, all twelve presented stallions in the stallion performance test in Ermelo were approved for breeding by KWPN. Most of them scored 80 points or higher.
30 May 2018 | 13:13

Approval for seven dressage stallions and one Gelder stallion

A good collection of dressage stallions, was successfully presented at the last day of the performance test. Seven dressage stallions are approved for breeding with a minimum score of 81.5 points.
25 May 2018 | 22:27

96 percent of KWPN-riding horse stallions free of WFFS

On the basis of the published implementation decision, about 250 active, approved riding horse stallions were, on behalf of the KWPN, examined by the Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratory for the presence of the WFFS gene. Ninety-six percent is free of WFFS, ten stallions are carriers of the WFFS gene. Among the carriers are three jumping stallions and seven dressage stallions.
18 May 2018 | 13:41

KWPN tests approved stallions for WFFS

The KWPN has decided to test all active KWPN-approved stallions for WFFS. The breeding season is in full swing and breeders now make the stallion choices for their mares. By publishing the WFFS status of the KWPN-approved stallions we want to inform breeders optimally.
8 May 2018 | 22:38

New initiative; auction for jumping foals sired by young stallions

The KWPN wants to stimulate the use of young KWPN jumping stallions by organizing an auction for foals from these stallions. Approximately 15 foals from interesting dams that come from strong dam-lines, and preferably have competed at high level themselves.
26 April 2018 | 19:01

Do you know? Top 5 dressage stallions 2017

Foaling season is in full swing, foals are born everywhere and breeders are already making the stallion choice for next year's foal. The past years more foals were registered with the KWPN than in previous years. The foal registrations have also shown this upward trend in 2017. But of which stallions were the most foals registered? Curious? Then please read on!
26 April 2018 | 10:41

Karolus Magnus and Kardieno started their performance test

Where the Harness horse stallions already did their exam, the Gelder stallions have just started their performance test. Two stallions will take part in the test that lasts 35 days.
24 April 2018 | 12:43

​Three Harness Horse Stallions accepted into studbook

Last week was the final presentation of the Harness Horse Stallions that were still present in Ermelo for their performance test. After the presentation, three stallions were accepted into the studbook.
5 April 2018 | 15:52

Three four-year-old stallions to performance test

Earlier this week, two four-year-old jumper stallions and one four-year-old dressage stallion were presented under saddle by their own rider. All three of them passed the assessment and could be stabled at the KWPN Center.
5 April 2018 | 12:22

Grand Prix-stallion Skovens Rafael recognized

The KWPN stallion selection committee dressage has nominated the Danish bred Grand Prix-stallion Skovens Rafael for recognition. The General Board has formalized this nomination.
5 April 2018 | 11:51

Hubert VDM approved after short performance test

Last week, the first training assessment for the harness horse stallions took place. The six-year-old Cizandro-son Hubert VDM had his final assessment after a shortened test. He was accepted into the studbook afterwards.
30 March 2018 | 22:49

Fleau de Baian has received KWPN approval

After a 5 day stay at the KWPN-center, the eight-year-old Fleau de Baian is approved for KWPN breeding. The full brother of international top-horse Parzival was accepted for the shortened performance test at the after-inspection. During these five days he is accessed on his stable behavior.
28 March 2018 | 11:49

20 jumper stallions at the performance test

Last week, also the jumper horse stallions have taken a stable at the KWPN-center to start the spring performance test. 18 accepted stallion and two stallions that take part in the voluntary test have made a start in the test.
26 March 2018 | 22:44

dressage horses started the stallion performance test

15 dressage stallions have started the spring performance test in Ermelo last week. During the delivery, a veterinary remark was made about one of the stallions. He may come this week.
15 March 2018 | 22:49

Start of the stallion performance test on March 19th and 20th

For this spring performance test, 30 dressage and 28 jumper stallions have been entered. The time schedules for the delivery of the stallions on March 19th and 20th are now online.
12 March 2018 | 11:32

Five more Harness Horse stallions at Performance Test

During the first delivery of stallions for the Stallion Performance Test on March 5th, five stallions were asked to return today for the after delivery. All stallions could start their tests today.
1 March 2018 | 09:25 Region Tuigpaard Noord

Start performance test and after inspection for Harness Horse Stallions

Next Monday, March 5, the performance test for harness horse stallions starts at the KWPN-centrum in Ermelo. From 13.00 hours the stallions in harness will be presented, after which the stallions that are registered for the after inspection in harness will enter the ring.
3 February 2018 | 21:36

Championships title to gorgeous Kremlin MD (s.Governor)

Eight majestic movers formed a thrilling end to the KWPN Stallion Show. The gorgeous Governor-descendant Kremlin MD procured the championships title via his strong moves.
3 February 2018 | 15:09

Champion Kentucky puts Harness Horse on global map

Two years after Colonist-offspring Indiana, it is again a Harness stallion of breeder Wim Cazemier, named after an American state, that conquers the championship title. Eebert-offspring Kentucky, that is owned by Cazemier and former dressage breeder of the year Emmy de Jeu, heads a promising crop.
2 February 2018 | 20:15

28 stallions invited to performance test on first dressage day

An interesting group of 28 diverse stallions has earned an invite for the performance test today. Four of them are expected back in the arena tomorrow for the championships final.
1 February 2018 | 16:16

Everything comes together in champion Kannan Jr.

Yesterday, he already was one of the most outstanding stallions and today he was lord and master in the championships finale: the athletic, well-bred and impressively jumping Cornet Obolensky-son Kannan Jr.
1 February 2018 | 15:49

14 stallions appointed on second jumper day

Yesterday, 32 jumper stallions were invited to the performance test. Today, the 14 stallions were added to this collection. Amongst them were three sons of the keur stallion Arezzo VDL.
31 January 2018 | 23:07

32 jumper stallions appointed on first day

“We have enjoyed our work throughout the day”, responds chairman of the stallion selection committee Cor Loeffen at the end of the first day of the KWPN Stallion Show. “This stems from both the quality of the stallions and the great manner of presenting them.”
29 January 2018 | 18:54

Get in the judge’s seat at the KWPN Stallion Show

This year the audience can get in the judge’s seat during the VHO Trophy, the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage finals and the Symphonica Horse Show on Saturday night.
20 January 2018 | 11:12

Dressage night KWPN Stallion Show: Top clinics and titanic battle in VHO Trophy

Attention dressage enthusiasts: the Friday night of the KWPN Stallion Show features a full programme. The VHO Trophy will be a clash of the titans and Diederik van Silfhout and Isabel Freese will give clinics.
20 January 2018 | 10:32

VHO Trophy Jumping & Grand Prix guarantee excitement and suspense

Block your agenda, because the Thursday night is one to watch! The starting lists have been published and forecast a thrilling battle!
18 January 2018 | 20:30

Big Star Stallion of the Year *VIDEO*

With only another two weeks to go, the international breeders event, The KWPN Stallion Show will open its doors. From January 31st until February 3rd, KWPN-Stallions are ruling the Brabanthallen in ’s-Hertogenbosch . One of the highlights will be the Award Ceremony for the KWPN Stallion of the Year.
4 January 2018 | 15:24

Group order for KWPN Stallion Show announced

From January 31 to February 3 the KWPN Stallion Show takes place in 's-Hertogenbosch. One of the most important parts of this top event is the second round viewing, of which the group order is now known.
4 January 2018 | 14:52

Global Express can also win with occasional rider

After a fall from employee Lennard de Boer, Marcel de Boer did not think for a moment. With borrowed clothes he rode all Lennard’s stallions. In the Z class that led to a beautiful victory with Global Express.
3 January 2018 | 22:59

Highway M TN increases the lead in Blom Stallion Competition

With another victory, the explosively jumping Highway M TN (by Eldorado van de Zeshoek) with Zoï Snels has increased his lead in the standings in the M class.
3 January 2018 | 22:33

15 double clears in L Class Blom Stallion competition

Three KWPN-approved stallions will go into the finals with only clear rounds. Again, they belonged to the group of stallions that stayed double clear in both rounds of the L Class of the Blom Stallion Competition in Zuidbroek.
3 January 2018 | 21:53

In Style and Imposantos share the win scoring 85 points

In the standings they already shared the second place. Behind Indian Rock, who was not competing in Zuidbroek. And also in this third leg of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion competition, they strongly matched: In Style (s.Eye Catcher) and Imposantos (s.Wynton) shared the win in the L Class.
3 January 2018 | 21:06

Giovanni repeats his performance in Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition

After Giovanni, ridden by Franka Loos, secured their first win in Ermelo, yesterday in Zuidbroek, the pair repeated this performance in the Z class of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition dressage.
3 January 2018 | 16:38

‘Total picture’ gets Total U.S. the win

​Dinja van Liere started 2018 convincingly in the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage. She won the M class scoring 90 points with the extremely talented Totilas-son Total U.S., who secured his top-position in the standings.
18 December 2017 | 10:28

After inspection: 8 dressage stallions and 9 jumper stallions selected for Stallion Show

On the 11th and 16th of December the additional inspections were held for stallions that could not attend one of the regular inspection days. The jumper selection committee invited nine more stallions to the second round viewing in Den Bosch, while the dressage committee was able to select eight stallions to proceed to the next round.
11 December 2017 | 11:27

116 dressage stallions invited to KWPN Stallion Show

On Saturday, the final day of the first-round viewing for dressage stallions took place. Last but not least, was clearly the most suitable summary for this day as 29 stallions were selected for the KWPN Stallion Show, bringing the total to 116 dressage stallions.
5 December 2017 | 15:09

92 jumper stallions selected for KWPN Stallion Show

Monday the 4th of December the sixth and last regular day of the first-round viewing for jumper stallions took place. On the last day, 16 stallions were added to the collection of the second-round viewing. Including the extra day on December 11th, the total has come up to 100 stallions.
29 November 2017 | 14:05

Ten interesting jumper stallions approved

All the in the final exam participating jumper stallions received the green light and were approved for the KWPN-studbook. Quality and diversity performed the overtone.
29 November 2017 | 14:02

Seven dressage stallions receive KWPN stud license

After a 50-day-test seven three-year-old dressage stallions have been added to the KWPN stallion base. Each one showed to possess the desired rideability and character, dressage talent and quality.
24 November 2017 | 10:09

SC Ermelo: Indian Rock with 9,5 for canter best four-year-old

It was the former champion of the KWPN Stallion Show that was able to wow the judges. Indian Rock (s.Apache) received, ridden by Emmelie Scholtens, 88 points and put the first round of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition on his name. The second place was for the sympathetic stallion In Style (s.Eye Catcher), that was ridden to 85 points by Renate van Vliet. The correctly presented Impression (s.Don Schufro) went in third ridden by Diederik van Silfhout.
24 November 2017 | 09:33

SC Ermelo: 88 point for quality horse Henkie

The Gelder stallion Henkie had already the second round of his stallion competition at the KWPN-center in Ermelo. Ridden by Adelinde Cornelissen the son of Alexandro P received 88 points.
23 November 2017 | 22:31

HC Ermelo: Total U.S. superior winner

The Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage started off in Ermelo with the five-year-old dressage stallions. The Totilas-son Total U.S. ridden by Dinja van Liere was the convincing winner. Hummer (s.Westpoint) and Glock’s Trafalgar both scored 82 points but based on the rules, Hummer got second place.
23 November 2017 | 21:49

SC Ermelo: Close finish between Giovanni and Gunner KS

Three contestants could be found in the combined Z/PSG-Class of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition dressage. From the G-year, the two chestnuts Giovanni (s.Chippendale) and Gunner KS (s.Belissimo M) were very close. It was Giovanni, who was presented by Franka Loos, who received 84 points and took the win.
23 November 2017 | 11:21

Lennard de Boer wins with hot-shot Global Express

Is it ever boring to win? “No way!”, Lennard de Boer laughs, after he won the Z-Class of the Blom Stallion Competition with the KWPN-stallion Global Express.
23 November 2017 | 11:00

12 four-year-olds double clear in Blom Stallion Competition

All horses that had a double clear in the first round of the Blom stallion competition in the L class, shared first place. Among them I Am Codex (s.Codex One) ridden by Bart Lips, who received the highest marks in the Stallion Performance Test of last spring.
23 November 2017 | 10:58

Malibu TN (s.Mr.Blue) runner-up in M Class

In the M Class of the Blom Stallion Competition, that was won by Like Angel (s.Los Angeles) and Peter Olthof, the resident rider of Team Nijhof, Zoï Snels made a strong impression. He was the runner-up with Malibu TN (s.Mr.Blue), and Highway M TN (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek) finished in fourth.
13 November 2017 | 21:44

It's Otto and Cantona TN approved for breeding

Last week, the four four-year-old jumper stallions in the KWPN Stallion Performance test in Ermelo had their final presentation. After their test, that took 21 days, two stallions could be approved for breeding; It’s Otto (s.Etoulon VDL) and Cantona TN (s.Codex One).
10 November 2017 | 09:56

Several nines for approved dressage stallion Imposantos

This week, the Wynton-son Imposantos gave his final presentation in the Stallion Performance test. Past summer, the stallion got third in the Pavo Cup. Now he is approved with top marks making a total of 89 points and is accepted into the studbook.
10 October 2017 | 13:02

Entries First round viewing for stallions are open

You can now enter your young colts for the first round viewing of the stallion selection. The Gelder and riding horse stallions will be assessed from November 29th through December 11th. The exact days on which the Gelder-, dressage- and jumper stallions need to be presented will be announced on a later date.
9 October 2017 | 23:37

Talented stallions started their performance test

This morning, the stallions were presented to start their 50-day stallion performance test. Thirteen jumper stallions and fourteen dressage stallions got the green light from the Stallion Selection Committees and the veterinary surgeon.
4 October 2017 | 20:51

Monday delivery presentation for fall performance test

Monday, October 9th, the Fall Stallion Performance Test will start. 33 Three-year-old stallions are presented for the 50-day-test, more info on the stallions can be found on the bottom of this page.
6 August 2017 | 16:04

Ermelo YH: Dark President D&R retaliates in Stallions of the Year-Freestyle

The Stallions of the Year, a class for approved stallions at Small Tour-level, continued with a Freestyle to music in the main arena. Between the final of the five-year-olds and the six-year-olds, it was the charming Dark President D&R that made a stance by scoring the highest marks. In the classical test the Wynton-son obtained a second position, this time he went the extra mile and won the freestyle to music. The KWPN-stallion Everdale, yesterday’s victor, had to accept the second place.
5 August 2017 | 16:45

Ermelo YH: Everdale wins Stallions of the Year

Stallions of the Year, a class for approved stallions at Prix St. Georges level stood out in diversity. Out of nine contestants, eight nationalities, seven studbooks, the KWPN-stallion Everdale (s.Lord Leatherdale) was crowned champion. The second place was claimed by the KWPN-stallion Dark President’s D&R (s.Wynton) for whom this class formed his international debut.
23 May 2017 | 15:57

Six quality dressage stallions approved

The six dressage stallions participating in the KWPN Stallion Performance test were all very convincing on dressage talent, quality of movement and pedigree. They all got approved with beautiful marks. The Stallion Selection Committee was very content with the way the pe
23 May 2017 | 15:17

Sixteen jumper stallions approved

Due to the high quality of stallions in the KWPN Spring Performance Test for stallions, 13 three-year-old stallions and three older stallions could be approved for breeding.
13 May 2017 | 21:00

Photos stallions in performancetest now online

Last week, all dressage, jumper and Gelder stallions participating in the Stallion Performancetest were photographed by Sandra Nieuwendijk. The beautiful weather certainly helped for a nice result. Look at the pictures The final presentation of both the jumper and the dressage stallions, as well as the Gelder stallion is on Saturday mey 20th at 9.00 at the KWPN Center. Of course we invite you to come and watch the event. Two last intermediate assessments will take place on May 16th and 17th. Deelnemende hengsten voorjaarsonderzoek
9 May 2017 | 22:09

Krack C deceased

This morning, the KWPN stallion Krack C has passed at his home, Van Uytert stud. The son of Flemmingh had an impressive sport- and breeeding career. He was 25 years old.
6 April 2017 | 09:52

Grand Prix Stallion Blue Hors Don Olymbrio L recognized.

On the recommendation of the Stallion Selection Committee Dressage, the stallion Blue Hors Don Olymbrio L is recognized for KWPN breeding. The stallion is successful under Daniel Bachmann-Andersen in the Grand Prix.
28 March 2017 | 11:39

Four 4-year-old stallions start their performance test

This morning, five 4-year-old jumper stallions were presented to the Stallion Selection Comittee to start their performance test of 50 days. Four of them could occupy a stable at the KWPN-center.
16 March 2017 | 13:20

34 stallions started performancetest

This week, eleven dressage stallions and 23 jumper stallions started their performance test ath the KWPN-Center in Ermelo.
13 March 2017 | 13:19

Stud stallion Fly moves to France

The six-year-old Kashmir van Schuttershof-son Fly came into possession of Écurie du Herrin, located in Pompogne – France. He will stand at stud here.
21 February 2017 | 17:55

Finishing Touch Wareslage gets KWPN recognition

The bay, 12-year-old jumper stallion Finishing Touch Wareslage is nominated by the KWPN Stallion Selection Committee to be recognized for KWPN breeding.
4 February 2017 | 22:44

Jameson RS2 (s.Blue Hors Zack) convincing champion

With another 21 stallions added today that were accepted for performance testing, the total amount of dressage stallions came to 38. Seven stallions went into the championship ring with the starring role for the convincing champion Jameson RS2 (s.Blue Hors Zack).
4 February 2017 | 18:14

Jesse James new Harness Horse Champion

This mornign it was time for the Harness Horses at the KWPN Stallion Show in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Three stallions are invited for performance testing. The Unieko–son Jesse James was the winner of the championship.
4 February 2017 | 17:14

Eebert takes the Oregon Trophy

One of the highlights of the KWPN stallion Show is always the battle for the Oregon trophy. Defending Champion was Delviro HBC, but this year he had to give way to the winner of 2015 Eebert. As always it was a true spectacle.
4 February 2017 | 16:48

Jupiler S Gelder Champion

Both the ten year-old Casaron and the three-year-old Jupiler S (s.Charmeur) were invited for performance testing.
4 February 2017 | 14:47

Henkie winner of Gelder stallion competition

This morning the stallion competition for Gelder horses took place. Henkie ruled the competition and managed to win this leg again. Judge Arie Hamoen was very pleased with the performance of the son of Alexandro P who was awarded the keur predicate earlier this morning.
4 February 2017 | 02:25

Expression continues winning streak in VHO Trophy

After two impressive wins at Jumping Amsterdam the KWPN Stallion Expression could win again in the VHO Trophy. In the kür to music at small Tour level, the breeding product of Gert=Willem van Norel, the breeder of no less then three of the stallions in this class, could convince both the puclic as the judges and got an almost 80% score.
3 February 2017 | 23:34

Totilas sons play main role again in M class

Was it the legendary Totilas who played the main role as sire in the finals at L level, he repeated this piece of excellence in the M class of the Isah stallion comepetition. This time it was his son Governor who won the day competition with 86 points. Marieke van de Putten secured her second competition win with Glock’s Toto Jr.
3 February 2017 | 22:09

Four Legends convincing winner of the Z class

It was the Wynton-son Four legends, that coveted the win at the Isah Cup in the Z Class. Ridden by Stephanie Kooyman the black stallion got a total of 86, which proved to be enough for both the victory of today’s class as the total competition as well.
3 February 2017 | 21:24

Totilas-sons win clash of the titans

Tonight, the sons of Totilas were the ones that called the shots in the Isah Stallion competition in the L Class. Total U.S. showed an exceptional test and won the day competition. In the overall competition, Trafalgar could not be beaten. “He is just such a super nice workwilling horse, he could not have done better tonight, “ said the happy rider Marieke van der Putten.
3 February 2017 | 20:17

21 stallions selected after first dressage day

Both from the proven as the young sires offspring made their appearance in the second and third round viewing today. A total group of 21 stallions made a very good impression and was accepted for performance testing. Four of them were invited for the championship ring.
3 February 2017 | 12:12

Arezzo says goodbye in style

To say goodbye at the high point of their career, that was the goal of Jur Vrieling and the KWPN Stallion Arezzo VDL. With a well-deserved Grand Prix win they succeeded. “Arezzo always gives his all and it is really nice that he went so well this night. I will miss him”, reflected Jur Vrieling.
3 February 2017 | 11:31

Zacharov wins VHO Trophy

In front of a very enthusiastic crowd, Zacharov TN won the VHO Trophy for jumpers last night. He was ridden by Zoï Snels. Emir R finished second, Edinburgh in third.
3 February 2017 | 00:20

Florian unbeatable again!

To win, that was the goal that Albert Zoer had set himself and his favorite stallion Florian (v.Zirocco Blue VDL). And he succeeded! He managed to win the Z/ZZ class of the Blom Stallion Competition which adds another impressive title to his list.
2 February 2017 | 23:33

Grandorado TN convincing winner

The M Class final in the Blom KWPN Stallion competition was convincingly won by Grandorado TN ridden by Willem Greve, the large bay won with superiority the M class today and with that the Competition 2017. Good second was Lennard de Boer with Global Express.
2 February 2017 | 22:25

Hotspot takes the double win

Mathijs van Asten and Hotspot had a double win today. Not only could they win the day competition, they were also able to secure the Blom Stallion Competition 2017 in the Lclass. The promising son of Hors la Loi II really impressed his rider: “Also in this entourage Hotspot understands exactly what I expect from him and did really well!”
2 February 2017 | 20:49

Kannan-son Juventus V G champion jumper stallions

After two days of selecting jumper stallions, the total of accepted stallions comes at 49. The five most complete stallions were invited for the championship ring. The striking Kannan-son Juventus VG won the championship title.
2 February 2017 | 00:01

Good start of KWPN Stallion Show with 31 accepted stallions

De KWPN Stallion Show knew a good start today. An interesting group of 31 jumper stallions could be accepted for performance testing after the second and third round viewing.
31 January 2017 | 13:51

Stallion Breeding Values 2016/2017 are now online

A horse's performance can be viewed as the sum of its genetic ability plus environmental factors (e.g. training, rider skill, and health care). Horse breeding, however, is solely about genetic ability, as only this can be passed on to offspring. For this reason, KWPN breeding values are an estimate of genetic ability. Breeding values are calculated for the following traits: sport, movement, conformation, and health. The new Stallion Breeding values can now be found online.
11 January 2017 | 10:55

Dressage Committee recognizes three stallions

The Stallion Selection Committee Dressage has recognized three successful dressage stallions, Cennin, Vitalis and Blue Hors Zack. This means that they have the same status as KWPN-approved stallions, their offspring will from now on get a foalbook (vb) paper instead of a reg. A registration.
9 January 2017 | 12:53

Thirteen harness Horse Stallions to 's-Hertogenbosch

Last Saturday, the first round viewing for the harness horses took place at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo. Out of the 46 inspected stallions, 14 are accepted for the second round viewing that will take place during the KWPN Stallion Show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Twelve other stallions were declared ster.
4 January 2017 | 15:46

Stallion competition finals will be exciting!

In only a few weeks, the KWPN Stallion Show will take place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. At the show the finals of the Isah Stallion Competitition dressage and Blom Stallion Competitions jumping will take place. In the finals standings the differences are small. A guarantee for exciting sport!
4 January 2017 | 13:32

Highway M TN, Global Express and Florian take the last leg of the Blom's Stallion competition

"This is what a jumper horse looks like”, said judge Nathalie van der Mei after the winning strike of the KWPN stallion Highway M TN (s.Eldorado van de Zeshoek). He won the L Class. The M class went to Global Express. Florian was the best in de Z/ZZ class.
3 January 2017 | 23:52

Hometown, Guardian S and Foundation winners of Isah Stallion Competition dressage in Zuidbroek

Diederik van Silfhout had a good start of 2017. With his future talent KWPN Stallion Hometown (s.Apache), he won the last round of the Isah Stallion Competition in the L Class. Guardian S, nowadays partly owned by Anky van Grunsven won the M Class, and Foundation (s.United) won his first competition at Z level.
13 December 2016 | 08:46

's-Hertogenbosch Collection Complete with 97 Dressage Stallions

With the conclusion of the follow-up selection, the collection for the second round viewing in 's-Hertogenbosch is now complete. Five dressage stallions were added to the collection, bringing the total to 97.
12 December 2016 | 08:25

A Total of 123 Jumper Stallions to 's-Hertogenbosch

A total of 123 jumper stallions are qualified for the second round viewing. Among them are seven stallions which were selected today, including two sons by Comme Il Faut.
11 December 2016 | 14:39

Last Regular Selection Day: 16 Jumper Stallions to Second Round Viewing

With only the follow-up selection to go this coming Monday, the provisional number of jumper stallions qualified for the second round viewing is 115. Among the 16 stallions selected today are two sons each by Farfan M, El Clarimo and Fernando-H.
10 December 2016 | 16:38

First Round Viewing: Several Complete Jumpers on Day Five

With 21 selected jumper stallions, today yielded another good harvest for the second round viewing. The selected stallions include three sons each by Cidane and Diamant de Semilly, and two by Cornet
9 December 2016 | 12:21

First Round Viewing: Several Remarkable Stallions on Fourth Jumper Day

At the first round viewing today, several good jumper stallions were presented in the arena. Of the 49 entries, 18 earned a ticket to the next round.
8 December 2016 | 16:58

First Round Viewing: 's-Hertogenbosch Collection Increased by 22 Jumper Stallions

Yesterday, sires of sires including Action Breaker, Zirocco Blue VDL, Verdi and Vigo d’Arsouilles put their stamp on the third jumper day of the first round viewing.
17 March 2016 | 10:45

KWPN recognizes Emerald, Fernando and Vagabond de la Pomme

The stallion selection committee has recognized three Grand Prix-stallions for KWPN breeding.
7 February 2016 | 12:31

Harness horse champion Indiana honours sire Colonist

He had the most fans in the audience, as was clearly expressed by the loud cheering and also the committee’s preference inclined towards Indiana (by Colonist).
7 February 2016 | 12:23

Delviro HBC defeats all competition in Oregon Trophy

The Oregon Trophy had the Brabanthallen shaking to its foundations yesterday as the Harness Stallions put up a fight for this prestigious title.
7 February 2016 | 12:15

Edmundo sympathetic winner of Stallion Competition Gelder Horse

The audience was treated to two nice tests yesterday by the stallions that participated in the Stallion Competition for Gelder Horses.
6 February 2016 | 20:50

Public’s favorite Igor (Apache) champion of the dressage stallions

The jury and the enthusiastic audience were once again on the same page in the three-year-old stallion championships.
6 February 2016 | 18:04

Uno Don Diego son Independent Little Me champion of the Gelder Horses

A good day for the Gelder horse breeding! All four stallions that were presented in the second round viewing this morning, were invited to the third round viewing!
5 February 2016 | 22:33

Show keur stallions Vivaldi, Rousseau and Johnson

Also this year the Stallion Selection Committee Dressage was able to recommend several stallions for the keur predicate.
5 February 2016 | 20:21

26 Dressage stallions invited to Ermelo

Out of a group of 42 dressage stallions presented in the second round viewing, 26 stallions were, via the third round viewing, invited for the KWPN performance test.
5 February 2016 | 17:07

Eager Don Diablo HX wins VHO Trophy

The battle for the 1.40m VHO Trophy was a thrilling one and had the audience on the edge of their seats. Don Diablo HX, debutant in the VHO Trophy, prevailed!
4 February 2016 | 22:10

Grandorado TN on repeat in Blom Stallion Competition L class

He was the convincing winner of all the previous rounds In the high quality Blom Stallion Competition L class (1.10m): Eldorado van de Zeshoek-son Grandorado TN.
4 February 2016 | 21:53

Stallion Competition Z/ZZ for favorite Blom’s Ever Blue

Blom’s Ever Blue and Edinburgh kept competing each other out of the first place.
4 February 2016 | 21:13

Florian wins Stallion Competition with Albert Zoer

In the intermediate rankings of the Blom Stallion Competition 1.20m class, the top horses were very close. Isah Cup-winner Florian was just two points ahead of number two, Floris TN.
4 February 2016 | 20:35

Public’s favourite In Between (s.Toulon) wins!

“We do not always listen to the audience, but this time we did!”, explains Cor Loeffen after crowning the public’s favourite In Between (s.Toulon) of the Venderbosch family as the champion of the jumping stallions.
28 January 2016 | 15:05

Grand-Prix stallion Carrera VDL recognized for KWPN breeding

The Stallion Selection Committee for Jumpers has recommended the general Board of Directors to recognize the stallion Carrera VDL.
26 January 2016 | 09:08

Show offspring keur stallions Rousseau, Vivaldi and Johnson

Also this year the Stallion Selection Committee Dressage was able to recommend several stallions for the keur predicate. The following dressage stallions are promoted to keur stallion: Rousseau, Vivaldi and Johnson.
16 January 2016 | 20:20

Stallion competition nears its climax

After the preselection rounds in Ermelo, Roosendaal and Zuidbroek we can make up the interim score for the grand finale of the Isah and Blom Stallion Competitions.
16 November 2015 | 12:44

14 Jumper Stallions Approved, Dressage Stallion Collection Expanded by Seven

The Kashmir van ’t Schuttershof son Fly was awarded the highest score of the jumper stallions: 85 points.
20 October 2015 | 15:07

Stallion Reselection Committee Keeps Emilano on Watch

At the request of Stefan Rozendaal of Kootwijk, the registered party of the harness horse stallion Emilano, a reinspection was conducted of all the Manno son's foals. The collection had been selected by the KWPN and previously evaluated by the stallion selection committee.
14 August 2015 | 16:58

Seven Stallions Selected for Performance Test

The stallion selection committee has chosen six jumper stallions for the performance test, which begins on Tuesday, October 27. Only one dressage stallion, however, was selected for the test: the five-year-old stallion Four Legends KS.
13 August 2015 | 08:48

Wynton son Four Legends to Second Round Viewing

The Wynton son Four Legends KS finished in provisional fourth place today in the Pavo Cup, with 86 points.
11 August 2015 | 08:55

Stallion Selection Yields Seven for Second Round Viewing

The young horse championships are the only path through which stallions ages 4 - 7 can be selected for the KWPN performance test.
16 June 2015 | 09:07

Berlin Son Zerlin Recognized for KWPN Breeding

Zerlin is a son of Berlin, who under Gerco Schroder has contributed greatly to the Netherlands' success in show jumping over the past years.
6 June 2015 | 08:33

Retesting Committee Convenes: Floris TN Approved this Evening

This evening, the retesting committee for jumpers gathered to retest the jumper stallions Hummertime and Floris TN.
19 March 2015 | 09:45

17 Dressage Stallions, 20 Jumper Stallions, and 1 Gelder Stallion for the Spring Performance Test

Today, the seven harness horse stallions already at the KWPN Center were joined by their fellow KWPN stallions from the other three breeding directions: jumping, dressage, and Gelder horse.
11 March 2015 | 14:30

Seven Harness Horse Stallions Begin the Spring Performance Test

This afternoon, a large crowd of horse enthusiasts gathered at the KWPN Center to witness the arrival of the seven harness horse stallions selected for the spring performance test.
9 February 2015 | 11:23

Henkie Gelder Stallion Champion, Edmundo to Performance Test

Two stallions were presented in the third round viewing for Gelder horses, and both were selected for the performance test.
9 February 2015 | 11:18

Six Harness Horse Stallions to the Performance Test

The three-year-old harness horse stallions turned the Brabanthallen upside down. Among them, six were selected for the performance test in Ermelo.
6 February 2015 | 16:07

Gelder Stallion Henkie to Third Round Viewing

Henkie, the only three-year-old Gelder stallion to pass the first round viewing, was presented in the viewing pen.
7 May 2010

Four-Year-Old Dressage Stallion IPS Bon Bravour Registered in the Studbook

Stallion Passes Performance Test With Almost All Eights.
16 April 2010

Gelder Horse Breeding Gains a Stallion

Wilson Approved for Stud.
9 April 2010

KWPN Grants Individual Recognition to Arko III, Peppermill, and Olivier

The KWPN stallion selection committees regularly evaluate internationally renowned stallions which qualify for individual recognition.
23 March 2010

Florianus KWPN-Approved in North America

Grand Prix dressage stallion approved on American soil.
11 February 2010

Lancelot Approved Again

Sire of Pavarotti and Rosinus At Stud Again.
11 February 2010

Andiamo KWPN-Recognized

Offspring Demonstrate Above Average Jumping Talent.
6 February 2010

Oscar son Claims Championship

Anne Beth's Full Brother Outstanding Winner.
6 February 2010

Cosun Best Jumper

Up to Date Son a True Eye-Catcher.
6 February 2010

Chandini HB Harness Horse Champion

Wodka HBC Son Wins Harness Horse Championship.
6 February 2010

Casaron (s.Ginus) Champion Gelder Horse

Four Selected Stallions to Improve Blood Distribution.
4 February 2010

Lancelot Approved Again

Voltaire Son Off Watch List.
4 February 2010

Andiamo KWPN-Recognized

Animo Son Recently Awarded KWPN-Recognized Status.
19 August 2009

Individual Recognition for Vegas, Clinton, and Calvaro

The KWPN stallion selection committee for dressage horses and jumpers regularly evaluates internationally renowned stallions for possible individual recognition by the Studbook.
6 February 2009

Vivaldi, Wynton, and Zizi Top Win

Florencio Takes VHO Trophy.
5 February 2009

Zidane, Wallenberg, and Vegas VDL Win Competition

Cartano Takes VHO Trophy.
16 December 2008

Hickstead, Casino, and Tresor d’Opaline: KWPN-recognized

Stallion Selection Committee recognizes three jumpers.
24 June 2008

Marius Claudius Recognized

Individual recognition for former international showjumper of Robert Smith.
29 April 2008

Jumper stallion approved after 50 days

Today the stallion committee approved the four-year old jumper stallion Carambole (Cassini I x Concerto II).
23 April 2008

Hackney stallion Makari Jetsetter accepted for harness horse breeding.

Two Hackney stallions were selected for a minimum 21-Day Test.
16 February 2008

Namelus R, Numero Uno and Indorado Keur

Three stallions were recently declared keur.
4 February 2008

Again Rousseau-son dressage champion

Champion Ajong is bred by A.T. Rensen.
4 February 2008

A-Adermie ‘All in one’

Namelus R-son jumping champion.
4 February 2008

Artiflex champion harness horses

Oregon-winner Patijn delivers champion.
4 February 2008

Patijn winner of the Oregon Trophy

Stuurboord a good second place.
1 February 2008

Dreamcatcher winner of Stallion Competition Z level dressage as expected

United second, Ufo third.
1 February 2008

Johnson winner of Stallion Competition M level dressage

Jazz son convincing winner.
1 February 2008

Close finish Stallion Competition L level dressage

Wynton overall winner.
24 August 2007

VDL Winstone wins VION-Cup four-year-olds

KWPN-stallion Vleut, Uceline and Tyson champions of other groups.
8 February 2007

Zerlos Champion Harness horses

At the Stallion Show Zerlos (Talos x Renovo) has been chosen Champion of the harness horses.
8 February 2007

Zagreb dressage horse champion

Zagreb (Rousseau x Jazz) has been chosen Champion of the dressage horses.
6 February 2007

Stallion Keuring: Uromast wins thrilling battle for Oregon Trophy

As always the Brabanthallen roared of enthusiasm.
23 January 2007

Upperville wins third competition round

upperville has won the thirs roound of the KNHS/KWPN Mitsubischi stallion competition Gelder Horse.
11 January 2007

Jazz Preferent

Wilt Hit rewarded Keur predicate.
9 January 2007

Johnson and Santano ex aequo first

Decor Dremcatcher and United win Z and M classes in stallion competition Zuidbroek.
9 January 2007

Verdi, Utah and Silverstone win show jumping classes

A lot of visitors during the Show Jumping Mitsubishi Stallion Competition in Zuidbroek.
9 January 2007

Reflex M approved again

Last year the sons of waiting list stallion Reflex M impressed during the Stallion show in Zwolle.
4 February 2006

HK: Uptown clear winner L Class

It could hardly go wrong, After four rounds in the competition he was already far ahead. And tonight as well, Uptown didn’t make any mistakes.
4 February 2006

HK: Tolando stays ahead

In the M-class two stallions by Krack C competed each other for the win in the final of the Mitsubishi stallion competition.
6 June 2005

KWPN Re-keuring committee accepts Unesco

After today’s re-keuring the four-year old Unesco (Karandasj x Caretino x Grannus) was accepted into the studbook.
18 April 2005

Dutch Dormello approved

During the mid-term examination of the young stallions, the four-year old Dutch Dormello (Dormello x Welt Hit II) has finished his postponed short test.
1 April 2005

Five older stallions inscribed

Wilawander XX, Salvatore, Sarantos, Balourado and Cartano successfully ended their short performance test this morning.
25 March 2005

Lingh approved for breeding after five days in Ermelo

The stallion keuring committee approved the international dressage horse Lingh for KWPN breeding today.
5 February 2005

Oregon Trophy to Patijn

Six harness horse stallions competed in the competition for the Oregon Trophy. Three of them were invited to ride again what led to a very exciting final.
5 February 2005

Vico and Verdi the new Riding Horse Champions

The results of the keuring championships are in. Just like last year the jumping and dressage stallions were placed in different groups.
4 February 2005

Sandreo, Scandic and Rhodium winners in dressage

The finals of the stallion competition in dressage resulted in only small changes in the ranking.
3 February 2005

Stallion competition for Casco, Sir Corland and Tampa

Yesterday’s final round of the KNHS/KWPN stallion competition was good for beautiful jumping sport.
2 February 2001

S.S (Stallion Show):Nassau safely to victory

A laughing Eddy Brinkman could receive his prize after the end of the M-finals of the NHS/KWPN stallion competition
2 February 2001

SS:Negro sensational

The final of the NHS/KWPN stallion competition had a surprising climax last night.
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